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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 21, 2019

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Interview: Rachel Enoka Of JetstoneMilk

Interview: Rachel Enoka Of JetstoneMilk

| On 12, Aug 2015

I’m a weirdo.” – We chat to artist Rachel Enoka about how she made a 180 on her career path to become the brainchild behind badass pigment-ink art oufit JetstoneMilk.

Rachel Enoka isn’t your run-of-the-mill artist. Growing up with a love of sport and fitness, and harbouring a wealth of knowledge of the human body, she always thought she would pursue a career within the fitness industry. However, three years after graduating high-school, she found herself wondering what she was doing with her life and what she wanted out of it. It was at this moment Rachel picked up a pen and broke away from the things which held control over her life. In July of 2014, Gold-Coast based Rachel decided it was time for a change. It was time to make something from her talent and passion, from this JetstoneMilk was created and she hasn’t looked back since.

The Creative Issue: Who is Rachel Enoka? 

Rachel Enoka: I grew up the hyperactive tomboy, always playing sports with the boys, skate boarding, surfing, soccer – you name it. I was quite good at making regional teams, excelling in all things fitness, nutrition and anatomy. So naturally I grew up thinking I’d pursue a future within the industry. Certain occurrences in my upbringing forced a need for an outlet and it was through physical activity and diet that I learnt to exhaust that. It enabled a sense of control over my life, despite the toxicity of things I couldn’t control.

Inevitably the suppression of my emotion from my inability to express myself verbally, I came to a point of no control due to obsessive behaviour. Unlike the majority of my peers who walked straight into University from high school, I spent the following years ‘manning’ up to certain aspects of my life: overcoming an eating and exercise disorder, and just generally allowing myself to find my way back to me. Through lots of trial and error and searching, uncertain where I was headed, I almost walked into the ADF, amongst other things, none of it ever felt right.

I found myself in July of 2014 feeling lost and confused as to what the fuck I was going to do with myself in terms of a career. All I knew moving forward was that passion, good vibes and fulfillment would be first considered before walking into anything, it had to agree with my heart first. My story is definitely unexpected, but it’s my story and everyone has something different to tell. Sometimes you don’t need to explain your dreams or your vision, because you know it enough to be true.

Legend - Jetstone Milk


TCI: Have you always been able to draw?

Rachel Enoka: I’d always drawn growing up, it wasn’t until July last year that I really got involved and fell in love with illustrating.

TCI: What was the feeling like when you finished your first drawing after overcoming everything you had been through?

Rachel Enoka: I fucking loved it! It felt right and more importantly, it agreed with my heart. Like love, I guess you just know when you know!

TCI: What was the very first drawing and how did it come about?

Rachel Enoka: My first drawing was ‘Tits’. It just sort of happened. It was a new outlet for me that enabled me to express myself and unload my mind onto paper, no matter what it was, and feel clear when I finished.

Jetstone Milk



TCI: When was the moment you figured out that you were incredibly talented and you could make something out of this?

Rachel Enoka: In July last year, I was in a state of confusion, three years out of high school seemed like the perfect time to flip out and question what the fuck I really wanted to do with my life. Through my frustration I found myself craving something fresh and creative. A new perspective. One day I sat down with a pen and pad and found myself immersed within this drawing that seemed to have a mind of its own and I just went with it. That was the day ‘Tits’ was born. Feeling pretty proud of what I’d just done along with the fact that I found myself on a high, feeling the best I’d felt about something in a long time, I took a photo and shared it with the internet. The feedback and ‘likes’ of course inflated my head and I guess that’s when I figured illustration was something I just couldn’t go on without doing.

TCI: Alot of your pictures involve some type of person — Who or what is your inspiration?

Rachel Enoka: I get inspired by a lot of things a lot of the time, so it’s hard to pin it down to just one person or thing. Though my sister Renee, an artist herself, and mind blowing might I add, has always inspired a lot of good and motivation in my life. Watching her draw definitely ignites the spark to create despite the contrast in illustrative styles. She’s definitely a stand out in my eyes.

TCI: Do you have a muse?

Rachel Enoka: My muse? I couldn’t pin it down to one particular thing or person, but I guess I’m mused by anything odd, bold and out there. I’m a bit of a weirdo so I like weird things… Oh and women.


Jetstone Milk - Jetstone Milk

Jetstone Milk


TCI: On your website it says that JetstoneMilk evokes holistic creative will and desire — Can you explain that a little more?

Rachel Enoka: Holistic pays reference to the mind, body and soul as a collective. When we feel a desire so deep or the will to act upon something, in this case to create, holistically these emotions come to a climax driving a natural force to do so. In relation to JetstoneMilk, the milk derived from the stone possesses the ability to evoke this creative will.

TCI: Many of your drawings are fragments of people and objects all mixed into one — Where do these come from?

Rachel Enoka: They just come to me. I like to just go with it. What ever is floating around in my brain best expresses its self on paper.

TCI: You have a very unique style — How did that originate?

Rachel Enoka: I’m a weirdo.

TCI: A couple of your prints involve men — Are they caricatures of anyone you know?

Rachel Enoka: Yeah the dudes I draw are of people I’ve taken a liking to or just look like they’d be fun to draw. I recently just started a series of heads of people who inspire me for what ever reason.


Death Palm - Jetstone Milk

Death Palm


TCI: How did JetstoneMilk start?

Rachel Enoka: Originally JetstoneMilk was created as an Instagram account where I’d was able to share my illustrations and all other creative projects. It was pretty much just an excuse to keep drawing and find where it led me. Now I’m in the midst of growing it into a profitable business.

TCI: Where did the name JetstoneMilk come from?

Rachel Enoka: The name JetstoneMilk evolved from multiple things. Primarily those relevant to my life at the time. I’d began tapping into my spirituality and with that found myself collecting gemstones here and there. On the complete opposite end of the scale was my love for rock n roll and my infatuation with Joan Jett. Out of curiosity I googled ‘Jetstone’ and what-do-you-know it already existed. What really stood out with me though was its believed power to manifest your inner will and desire. What that meant for me was following my intuitive compass, which had been drawing me to all things creative. ‘Milk?’ Hey, that sounds cool. Milk means to derive from a source. That source could be my inner will and desire. Hey presto, there you have it, JetstoneMilk.

TCI: Where do you see yourself in five years and what is the dream for JetstoneMilk?

Rachel Enoka: In five years I see myself with a mad team living through JetstoneMilk, branched from prints to apparel. Hosting events and owning my own space to create, collaborate, share products and brew up some gnarly cups of caffeine. Continuing to innovate and create on new levels, growing with the passionate people I attract along the way.


Mandala - Jetstone Milk



TCI: You recently got commissioned by a local cafe — How did that feel to know someone wants your art hanging in their space?

Rachel Enoka: Fucking sweet! When you love something enough and work at it, things just work out, and that’s what I intend to keep doing.

TCI: So say in 10 years, all your dreams have come true… What’s next?

Rachel Enoka: I’ll never stop dreaming!

TCI: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice to anyone who is looking to get their art out there?

Rachel Enoka: Just go with it. Start, and keep going. As long as its something that agrees with your natural instincts you’ll find things will happen as they’re meant to, attracting good vibes in to your life, rewarding you on levels you never thought possible. In other words, always go with your gut.

To view more or purchase some of Rachel’s work you can visit JetstoneMilk.

Pictures were suppled by Rachel Enoka from JetstoneMilk