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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 18, 2021

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Interview: Shady Bliss

Interview: Shady Bliss

| On 19, Oct 2013

Think of your favourite movie. Now think of the scene that makes it the best.

There’s always a piece of music that accompanies it that literally moves you into the story.

Songs define scenes in a movie like they can define a time in your life.

In a little espresso bar tucked away in Fortitude Valley I listened to a song that will define many lives, none more than the members of alternative psychedelic rock band, Shady Bliss.

Launching their latest single, Monsters, Shady Bliss finished up a sound check at Bear Bones Espresso. Headlining the gig later that night, the band of four fine-tuned their instruments and debated the pros and cons of turning down the volume. Mostly the cons.

Stealing a moment of their gig prep I spoke to them about Monsters.

CD: “You’ve got your single release tonight; tell me a bit about the single.”

Morgan: “The lyrics were written by our old bass player, Nikita, who’s living in Canada at the moment. She writes amazing lyrics and she’s been giving us the odd song every now and then. This one just worked with the music I wrote for it.”

CD: “What’s the sound? Is it similar to older stuff you’ve done or a move away from that?”

Morgan: “Since Ari joined the band we seemed to have found a dirtier rock sound, but this song is just really, really chilled.”

Lewis: “Really mellow.”

Ari: “This song we really delved into obviously psychedelic territory.”

CD: “What’s the song about?”

Morgan: “This one’s about the effect that drugs have on your life and how much they change you. Monsters is about some kid’s realisation after he’s had all these drugs, and he’s coming down and seeing how whack the world really is.”

CD: “There are certainly a lot of different sounds at this gig. Tonight you’re playing with Baskervillain and Settling, what’s it like working with other bands?”

Morgan: “It’s probably the best part.”

Ari: “We’ve got a family bond with bands like Boss Moxi.”

Chrissa: “It’s great to get gigs with other bands we’re friends with.”

After agreeing that Brisbane’s music scene is well underrated I got to chatting with Shady Bliss about music they love.

CD: “What’s your guilty pleasure?”

Ari: “Oh, I’ve got one. I love WWE wrestling. John Cena sucks. I’m a CM Punk guy. Yeah, ok, that’s mine.

CD: “Well, I meant in music, but thanks for that story.”

Ari: “Oh, no.”

Chrissa and Lewis: “This HAS to go on record.”

Ari: “I’ve got excellent music taste, my music taste is flawless.”

Shady Bliss are gigging this month at the Transcontinental Hotel on Saturday the 19th and next month at The Zoo on the 21st. Go and check out their latest music and show this Brisbane band some love.

Also, just for the record, these guys really do have impeccable taste in music.