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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 9, 2020

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Interview: Sheree Chuang

Interview: Sheree Chuang

| On 28, Jul 2015

Driven by all things creative, and the passion to create incredible worlds, Sheree Chuang is an emerging Australian digital artist with passion in the film industry.

With great attention to colours, forms and details, Sheree has channeled all these skills to specialise in 3D modeling, texturing and lighting.

The young talent took some time to talk with The Creative Issue about her influences and how her love of animation blossomed as a child.

CI: What got you interested in digital art and what do you like most about it?

SC: I have always loved drawing since I was able to pick up a pencil. I stumbled across digital art when I was around 15 and started using the internet. I love how versatile and efficient digital art can be, you can literally create anything you want with a computer. Ctrl-Z is also my best friend haha!

CI: What medium or style do you most prefer and why? 

SC: Digital painting and 3D would be my two main mediums I work with.

CI: Can you go into detail about where you find inspiration for most of your work?

SC: My main inspiration and the reason I chose art as my career is because of Miyazaki’s Ghibli Films. I grew up with these animations, along with animations by Disney and Pixar so they really inspire me to tell my own stories.

CI: What themes do you like to explore in your art?

SC: Most of my pieces derives from children’s imaginations and even stories and characters I created when I was a child. There’s something really wonderful about the endless creativity that comes from within an innocent child.

So far, what has been your most memorable piece to work on and why?

SC: My most memorable piece so far is the Little Fairy and Snail animation I created while I was studying at Enmore Design. I pushed myself really hard to achieved goals I never though I would. From then, I was exposed to many great opportunities to the industry and I am now working my dream job as a 3D artist.

Another memorable one was a comic anthology I collaborated with 11 other amazing Australian artists. Fly The Colour Fantastica was the name of the project and we funded the book through Kickstarter which resulted in an overwhelming response from the public. It was an amazing experience and it was really great to tell my story along with other artists.

For more information about Sheree’s art visit her blog or official site.