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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 26, 2021

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Interview: Singer Will Watson

Interview: Singer Will Watson

Singer Will WatsonMeet singer Will Watson, one of our talented feature artists at Young at Art on August 8.

Creative Drinks: Tell us about what you do.

Will: In life, I am a musician obviously. And I guess, I’m very DIY about it all. So I studied a Diploma of Music Business and I’ve gone on, this year, to just realise that I want people to help me, but no one’s going to help me from the start so I’m going to have to do it myself.

The music I do is roots music. So I play a Weissenborn Slide Guitar. I play yidaki, which is a didgeridoo. I play the clap sticks. I play twelve string harmonica, a lot of percussion. I think the best way to describe is: it has really strong eastern and really strong western influences and I’ve just kind of mashed them together.

Creative Drinks: Who do you look up to as a musical artist?

Will: As a musical artist, I guess people like Ben Harper and Brandon Boyd, Brandon Boyd being the frontman of Incubus. He’s a really powerful person and he’s got a lot of really good ideas about the world. Ben Harper just seems like a really cool dude. Just as musicians, Xavier Rudd and John Butler, dudes are really good guitarists.

I think more importantly is, who I idolise as people? I just went out to Tara, which is 400km out west, this weekend and I met a dude named Dayne Pratzky and Tanya. They are the people on the front line of Coal Seam Gas mining, on the forefront of stopping it against QGC (Queensland Gas Company) and I speak about this stuff, and that’s what my music is about but these guys are out there 24/7 living. They don’t have any clean water, they don’t any food, so they’ve got to go travelling, stock up on food for ages, live eating really crappy food, canned food, because that’s all they can get. Those are the people I idolise. They are the guys who are giving their life up for the greater good.

Creative Drinks: Would you classify your music as political?

Will: I guess there’s a lot of different aspects to it. There’s political messages going on, there’s environmental, there’s socially conscious lyrics. I guess I just see myself, and I’ve never thought of this until this weekend – it was a really heavy weekend for me too, I just kind of see my music as a messenger. Those guys on the front line don’t have… they don’t get into the media and people don’t know who they are. Musicians, people know who you are (no one knows who I am yet) but the bigger name musicians who speak about this stuff, they are the guys who people know. So, I think they’re the guys you can… you push the political stuff and the socially conscious sort of stuff and the environmental themes. And that’s where your message gets through.

Creative Drinks: What’s the plan from here?

Will: Well, obviously I’m doing it all DIY. So in terms of doing the booking agency, I’ve got this tour coming up in October, I’ve got an album coming out that I’ve had to self-fund. I’ve been really sneaky about how I can get things really cheaply, nothing illegal, just sneaky. Musically, I want to get to a point where I can be self-sufficient. I want a sustainable house. I also want to get to a point where i can go onto the front line for a few days and not be worried about ‘Oh, I’ve got to take time off work’, ‘Oh crap, I can’t afford rent this week’. I want to get to a point musically where I’m making my living off music and still go out and help the guys on the frontline.

Creative Drinks: Why did you want to get involved with the Creative Drinks event?

Will: Just as a whole, anything to get involved on any musical forefront, anything that’s pushing music in the Brisbane scene. Because there’s not many people nurturing the Brisbane music scene as I see, so when someone comes along, so Creative Drinks, that’s pushing the music scene and ‘This is what we have to offer’, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I want to be involved in that’ and I want to be able to be ‘Yep, this is the Brisbane music scene’. I’m friends with quite a few Brisbane bands.. we’ve got some awesome talent here but not enough people seem to see it. So when you guys come along and you’re pushing the Brisbane music scene, it’s awesome.


What? Young At Art, Hosted by Creative Drinks

When? 6pm, 8 August 2013

Where? Fringe Bar, Fortitude Valley

How much? $15 online

More info? Buy tickets online