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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 19, 2021

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INTERVIEW: Up to No Good with GOOD BOY

INTERVIEW: Up to No Good with GOOD BOY

| On 31, Dec 2016

Behind the scenes as all boys do, they may be getting up to no good, but give them drums, guitars and a mic and they are Brisbane’s own Good Boy.

The Creative Issue had the pleasure of chatting to Tom Lindeman of the band, comprising also Rian King and Stu McKenzie, prior to their Brisbane show.

TCI: How do you boys feel prior to your upcoming shows? Do the nerves kick in or are you pretty relaxed?
GOOD BOY: We’re usually pretty relaxed to be honest. Although I remember before Laneway I was absolutely shitting myself. It depends on the show I suppose.

TCI: I agree, Laneway’s crowds are massive! Congratulations on being announced to open Laneway 2016. Is playing in front of larger crowds something you enjoy?
GOOD BOY: Cheers. To be honest, I think that we rather smaller venues. Maybe that’s because at this time in our musical career we can’t exactly pack out a festival stage. For example, I’d much rather play in front of 300 people in a packed venue than 400-500 people at a festival. But either way we love playing live, no matter the venue.

TCI: They’re a lot more intimate, aren’t they. What was the decider that music was something that you boys would want to pursue? Do you come from musical backgrounds?
GOOD BOY: I think that there was no real moment or ‘decider’ where we thought “Yep, this is what we are gonna do”. As long as we’re still enjoying it, writing decent music and playing in front of crowds we’ll keep doing it. Or until we’re sick of being broke. In terms of musical backgrounds, Rian comes from a very musical family and started learning different types of instruments from an early age. Stu is self taught on the drums. I (Tom) started playing guitar in grade 9 (ish).

TCI: That’s some talent, it definitely took you guys places. Have you had other dreams you would have wished to pursue before you started playing?
GOOD BOY: Well there’s no reason why you can’t do both. Playing in a band isn’t a full time thing (and can’t be a full time thing) until you start earning money. I can’t really speak for the others though. For example, I finished my degree in HPE teaching last year which I suppose was a “dream” of mine and still sort of do that on the side.

TCI: Fair point. I guess you hit a fork in the road for some, and others do a bit of multitasking. How have you found adjusting and developing within the Brisbane music scene and industry?
GOOD BOY: It’s been quite easy and I think that’s saying something about the Brisbane music scene. Everyone’s really nice and willing to help each other out. In saying that, we vaguely knew a few people before we started playing so I suppose we had a bit of a head start.

TCI: It seems that Brisbane is a great place to start up according to other musicians as well. In saying that, how and where did you write your first release? Were there any interesting stories or circumstances at the time that inspired you to create these?
GOOD BOY: Our first release (waste days or ease your temper) was the first song we wrote and actually the song that sort of formed the band. I came to Rian and showed him the riff and he dug it. So we jammed on it in his old shed in Taringa, got Stu in on the drums and the rest is history!

TCI: Who influences your sound?
GOOD BOY: That’s a really hard question seeing as all three of us have pretty different tastes in music. I’m just gonna list some bands that I know the three of us enjoy. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control, The Go-Betweens, Parquet Courts, John Steel Singers.

TCI: How did you find opening for artists such as British India and Northeast Party House?
GOOD BOY: Yeah it was fun!

TCI: Would’ve been a good time getting to play for other Brisbane locals. Do you intend to keep in line with the genre that you have pursued, or would you like to adapt your genre in any way?
GOOD BOY: I’m not even sure what genre we’re in to be honest. I need to start asking people that question. We’re just gonna keep writing music that we like and if it falls into a genre, so be it. We’re always looking to change things up a little and never really like to sit still for too long so I think our music is always going to evolve.

TCI: I think that’s what makes Good Boy so interesting. Do you have hobby outside of music that contributes to your creativity and musicality?
GOOD BOY: Na not really. I really enjoy sport in general but I don’t think that contributes to my creativity.

TCI: Fair enough. If you could cover a particular song what would it be and why.
GOOD BOY: Oh god. We have been trying to come up with a cover that we can all agree on for AGES but it hasn’t happened, yet. I think Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears is something that we all want to do, however we need a few more instruments for that.

TCI: That’s a tune! Are there any artists you would most like to collaborate with on future albums and shows?
GOOD BOY: I’d really like the do some side shows with Parquet Courts but I think that’s wishful thinking. Actually I’d really like the work with Jet. I love that band. Did you hear they’re playing some shows soon?

TCI: I did, blast from the past. They were my childhood favourites. What are you working on at the moment and are there any big plans for the future?
GOOD BOY: At the moment we’re starting to write for an album. We have a few new songs in the works which we demo’d the other day in Wollongong. I suppose the next few months will be mostly be playing a few shows and writing for a release in March/April.

Looking forward to what’s to come!


Image Credit: Good Boy