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| On 04, Nov 2017

This week we had an in-depth chat to The Velvet Addiction’s Aaron Bach about nationally touring their new EP, Volume 1. They will be coming to Brisbane’s Bloodhound Bar this Saturday 4th Nov, so if you’re feeling ready for some infectious, rock-soaked vibes this venue is the place to be.

Since their humble beginnings, The Velvet Addiction have sky rocketed to the forefront of the Aussie rock scene. They have pumped out 3 singles, an EP, music videos and countless live gigs all in the matter of a year. There are plenty of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Guns N Roses sounding bands out there, however these guys are not one of them. The Velvet Addiction have a truly eclectic sense of self going for them, taking influences from a wide range of artists whilst fundamentally staying true to their own sound. These honest and raw vibes rang true for us, especially when chatting to Aaron earlier this week about things from the national tour, to guitar preferences and fond memories of their journey so far (including the times Stefan has managed to face-plant).

The Creative Issue: It has truly been a massive year for you guys with your singles ‘Take Me Back’, ‘I Won’t Go’, ‘Stuck on You’ and of course your new EP smashing the Aussie charts. How are you feeling about all of it?

Aaron Bach: As an overall, amazing. It has been a tough year as well as being a rewarding year, it has been quite tough on the band. We’ve been touring around and playing a bunch of shows, rehearsing, writing, recording and releasing. There’s a lot that goes into it so we’re worn out at times but overall, we’re so stoked about the whole thing. We never expected to form a reaction from this band, let alone the reaction that we’ve had thus far, so yeah, we’re feeling great about it.

TCI: You’ll need a big sleep after all of that.

AB: Yeah, we’ve actually got a little something something booked in for the 16th and after that we’re taking a couple of months off to do some writing, catching up, a bit of family time. We essentially have not been apart since we put the band together 18 months ago, we’ve literally been with together 5 nights a week, writing, recording rehearsing. So we are looking forward to a break.

TCI: How do you feel people have been receiving the EP on the tour so far?

AB: Great! We’ve only played one show on this tour so far which was Sydney at Frankie’s on the weekend and it was great. People were dancing, clapping, cheering, singing along and the vibe was good. The responses have been pretty good on most of our shows so far, we are always interactive and the songs are upbeat and fun so we get a good reaction.

TCI: Are you keen to play the Bloodhound bar in Brisbane this weekend?

AB: Yeah, we’re stoked. We’re really stoked. We’ve got some good friends on the bill playing that show with us- a band called Big Whoops and another band called Port Royal. We haven’t played with Port Royal before, we played with Port Royal on our last tour in Byron and they were a bunch of fun! We also ran into them at another of our shows and they happened just to be at the venue so they stuck around for the show and stayed to hang out after with us. Just a great bunch of guys to be around so we’re looking forward to this show, just getting up there, enjoying the heat and hanging out with the Brisbane folk.

TCI: Will this be your first Brissy show?

 AB: Yeah! That’s why we’re so excited, we love playing new venues. It’s the coolest thing for us, somewhere new. I feel like for us, stepping out of our home town to play these interstate shows takes a lot of the weight off our shoulders. I mean this in the sense that something has warranted us being in the town and getting to another state.

TCI: What’s Volume 1 all about for you and the concept behind it?

AB: It’s the beginning. It’s all of these messed up ideas that 4 dudes had from 4 different worlds. The strangest thing about this band is that none of us knew each other. I met Stefan through a mutual friend and then within about 4 months we had met Lukas (he used to sell me jeans), then we put an ad up to get Kieran our drummer. So, we were all these new friends, writing new things and we all had different elements from the past to bring. So, I think for us the EP is just that. It’s 4 dudes coming together and working out their sound. And that’s what we love about it. We didn’t sit there over dubbing and re-writing. It was raw, it was out of time in places, it was not always what it was meant to be but it represents us.

TCI: Do you have a favourite track from the EP?

AB:  I have favourite moments. I don’t have a complete favourite track, but I love the riff out of ‘Bleeding’. That riff was one of the first ones that I brought to the band, so it’s very reminiscent of a lot of the music I grew up on. Like a lot of those simple but in your face riffs by Led Zeppelin, Gunners, Jack White that just took the basics but made it sound cool. I like ‘Take Me Back’ for the same reasons and that was actually a big turning point in the band where we actually nailed a song and it just felt right. So those two for me are pretty up there, but I will tell you something…’Set me alight’ was actually the first track the band jammed on as a complete band. I had that riff laying around for a long time and it was the first riff we worked on as a complete band.

TCI: We noticed that a few of your recent music videos appear to be a snapshot of being on tour. Do you guys prefer to film your music videos when you’re on the road to sort of encapsulate what you were feeling?

AB: They look that way but they’re not [laughs]. There’s only been one of those that actually has been! They’re a blast to make but they’re also a pain in the ass too. That last one we did for ‘Stuck on You’ was actually shot live at one of our last shows at Revolver in Melbourne. The sales went really well for that show and we were at a point where it was like, shit, we should do something with this. So, we contacted the crew that does recordings for us and we brought in a couple of extra cameras and shot that one. We do however prefer to shoot them with a really well thought out idea in mind.

TCI: What’s your favourite guitar. Are you a Fender man, a Gretsch, a Gibson, a Martin?

AB: I’m a Gibson, Les Paul man through and through. When I came into guitar it was about playing guitar, being cool and loving the sound, but all my favourite guitar players played Les Pauls from Joe Perry to Slash and all these cool cats. I didn’t know what a Les Paul was at the time but all I knew is that I wanted one of those.

TCI: We also saw the poster for the tour and couldn’t help but notice Stefan wearing a Bowie shirt. Do we have some fellow Bowie fans amongst us in Velvet Addiction?

AB: I think we do have some Bowie fans. I mean we love Bowie as a whole, how could you not, he’s an absolute god. I actually used to cover a lot of his songs in my old cover band that I played in for a couple of years! As a whole, he was never my idol but he did so much for music and for people who were different. I think he broke down so many barriers. So I think indirectly for us we are massive fans. It was guys like him that made it cool for people like us that had long hair, piercings and tattoos. So a lot of credit to David Bowie for what he did.

TCI: Who would you say are the artists that get most inspired by or just love listening to the most at the moment?

AB: Individually I’m a massive blues guy. Anything blues I’m a fan of, from the 50s right up until today, from Muddy Waters, Joe Bonomassa (I like what he did with Black Country Communion)… But my heroes are Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. I live for those guys. The guys from the band are very similar. Stefan’s a big Oasis dude, Bring Me to The Horizon, The Cure and Queens of the Stone Age. Lukas is a massive Nirvana and a Rolling Stones guy. Kieran’s on the same level as me… We’re Gunners nuts. We flew to Vegas for the reunion a year ago when we first met. We knew each other for a month and we agreed we were going to go and see the Guns N Roses reunion, so we went to that. The funny thing is about this band is that there has been no massive pressure, like ‘oh we are going be the next Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones’. We have never ever thought that way and we’ve all just brought out own inspirations into the band room. And I play how I play, Stefan sings how he sings and we have never manipulated that to sound like anyone. As a whole we are just doing us and that’s The Velvet Addiction.

TCI: What have been your happiest and funniest moments from the tour so far?

AB: The happiest moment would be the media scores or sell-out shows. We just found out recently too that in Melbourne in Federation Square, Ditto Music have reached out to us as one of the select 10 artists Australia wide to have our video clip live on the big screens for the month of November.

TCI: Wow! Congratulations, you guys must be stoked.

AB: Yeah! ‘Take me Back’ is going to be on the big screen in Federation Square throughout the month of November at certain times for everyone to see! As well as that, hearing us on Triple M for the first time was massive! It was surreal… And funniest moment would probably have to be watching Stefan fall over at sound check, he’s one of the clumsiest people you’ll meet. At one of our most recent shows he was talking about Running Man (or something really relevant to falling over) and then mid conversation he literally slipped, went head high and landed on his face. It was the funniest thing we had all seen.

TCI: And finally, what can we expect to see from you guys in the next 6-12 months?

AB: You can be expecting a lot, put it that way. There will be a tenfold of what you’ve seen this year. Literally 3 days after the tour we are back to in the studio recording EP Volume 2 and the songs are going to be amazing! There will be more film clips and touring. There are a couple of little hidden secrets happening on this one which we will relevel through the course of the recording, a couple of guest people on this one… So everyone will have to catch up with us in a little while to find out about that!

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From starting out not knowing each other at all this band has become a dynamic unit, bringing their wide range of experiences, song ideas and riffs to the table, with their overarching thing uniting them all- their endless passion for rock music.

If you’re keen to witness their sense of irrevocable swagger live, The Velvet Addiction will be playing the Bloodhound Bar in Brisbane on Saturday 4th November, along with other Aussie venues later this month. To keep up to date with Volume 2, you can head to their Facebook, Spotify or Instagram!

What: The Velvet Addiction EP Volume 1 Tour
Where: Bloodhound Bar,
When: Saturday, November 4th 2017 @
How Much: $13.30 (18+)
Website: Link to tickets

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