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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 3, 2021

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Interview with Artist: Jessie Hughes

Interview with Artist: Jessie Hughes

| On 20, Nov 2013

At only 19, Jessie is one of the youngest artists participating in Art on the Fringe next month, but that has not stopped her from producing some of the boldest art we will have on display. Inspired by the human condition and sexuality, it is clear that Jessie is going to make a splash in the Brisbane art scene.

We caught up with the energetic artist recently to find out exactly what makes her tick.

CD: How did you get into art?

Born into it. My grandfather was an incredible artist and my Mum has always been incredibly creative so I suppose you could say it’s in my genes. My parents have always been so supportive of me with any and all of my work, carting me to art classes for years, equipping me with endless supplies of art materials, and accepting in that the paint stain on the floorboards only add to the house aesthetic. My passion for the Arts was strengthened through my high school years, and I’m now in my second year of completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive and Visual Design, majoring in Visual Art. Having a creative mind is not something you can avoid: it consumes how you perceive the world. I hope to continue developing my passion for the arts right to the end.

CD: What inspires you?

The human condition. I adore anatomy, sexuality, nudity, the human brain – I love exploring human emotion, make-up and thought process.

CD: What is a typical day like for you when you’re creating?

An open space filled with me, myself and I, border by at least 4 empty tea mugs. I think developing any form of art requires engaging purely with one’s self. I find creating art is my deepest state of meditation. For someone as energetic and intense as myself, it’s nice to be able to time out and focus on developing something purely for me. As a designer, I am asked to follow briefs and to develop work based on what other people want. To be able to do something for myself is a brilliant escape.

CD: What do you think of Brisbane’s creative scene?

I think it’s really thriving. With the connectivity social media offers, sites such as Facebook have become an amazing way to connect with other artists and to see what’s on. I would highly suggest everyone to follow artists Barek Art and Mulga the Artist on Facebook, just to name a few.

CD: If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

I doubt many would have heard of her but illustrator, Brain Foetus, would definitely be at the top of my dream list. I stumbled upon her tumblr while I was researching for my orgasm drawing and immediately fell head over heals for her style. She is incredible. I’d definitely suggest following her tumblr at

CD: What is your dream job?

At 19, that’s a pretty up in the air question. Astronaut maybe? As tame as it sounds, a job that allowed me to explore my bizarre style free of limitations. I’m an avid traveller, so the freedom to travel, sharing my wild ideas would be brilliant.

CD: What is your favourite tv show and why?

Umm I couldn’t really pick a favourite as such. I enjoy anything that makes me laugh. Bob’s Burgers is definitely up there at the moment.

CD: Favourite food?

As a famished art student my diet consist 90% of peanut butter on toast accompanied by an hourly cup of tea. Given the off chance my parents relieve me from my starved state, oysters Kilpatrick is my meal of choice.

CD: Can you give us 3 words you would use to describe your work?

Bizarre, loud and energetic: my artwork is a direct reflection of who I am.

CD: What are 3 words your friends would use to describe you or your work?

Haha, the usual response is ‘only you could have done this, Jess’ or ‘what the fuck have you done this time?’ Fortunately, even if they don’t get it, they love me nonetheless.