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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 26, 2021

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Interview with Brisbane band Cold and Need

Ratu Lewis


Cold and Need band photo

We recently caught up with three of the members of local Brisbane band Cold and Need, Tom, Chris and Alex. The guys talked about what makes them different to other local bands, the release of their newest EP and what is means to be a new band in the Brisbane music scene...

CD: Go for it…tell me about yourselves.

TOM: Tom Eggert. I play bass and what else?

CHRIS: How old are you?

TOM: Oh. Ahh…21. And I’ve been playing in Cold and Need for two years.

CHRIS: I have also been playing in Cold and Need for two years. I’m Chris Wiggins. And I am 19 and I play guitar and sing, me and Tom sing. Yes…Alex…

ALEX: Hi, I’m Alex. Alex Schefferius, 21. I play guitar.

TOM: There’s also Jared Daly, 21. Almost 22.

CHRIS: Plays drums.

TOM: Been in Cold and Need for 2 years

CHRIS: Number plate DRUMMA.

CD: How did you guys form?

TOM: Basically Chris, Alex and I met at school and from there we went to university which is where we met Jared and then from there we sort of started jamming on songs. And then turned into Cold and Need basically.

CD: So where did the name come from? Is it because Chris has a cold right now?

CHRIS: I have a cold right now.

ALEX: And he’s in needing…of some flu tablets.

CHRIS: Nah it was in a piece of music that Tom and his class were studying in Year 12 back in the day. Actually in Year 10…a George Gershwin piece. And one of the lyrics in it took a fancy to them; and the lyrics being “cold” and “need”. He was like that sounds like a great name for a band. And you know, as many bands do, we kind of thought that our band name could change. Every band goes through that, even the big ones.

CD: What were the other contenders for names?

CHRIS: Well that’s been it for so long, we’ve only just recently… maybe in the last 6 months/3 months gone – maybe we could have something better. But nothing really came with it. People kind of identified with it when they get the name in their heads, so it’s kind of like – let’s keep it.

CD: So when people think about your band name, what do you hope they see in their mind?

CHRIS: Well when you think Cold and Need, in my head….well firstly we just wanted something easy to get across. But it’s so unique in that no one else has a name anything like it. When they go searching for it, if they know what it is they’ll find it straight away because there’s nothing else that has that name unless it’s like cold and flu tablets.

TOM: You get a lot of Yahoo Answers like “yeah you just take like Codral and it’ll fix your cold….”

CHRIS: Yeah but we’re like the first thing that come up, so that’s great, that’s positive. But we want people just to think of us…because our music’s fun and it’s energetic. We want people to feel that.

CD: But that’s kind of opposite to what your name is.

ALEX: It doesn’t really represent…

CHRIS: If we could, we would have a different band name that was like so fun and bright

ALEX: Warm and wanted.

CHRIS: Yeah like warm and fuzzy but we’ve got cold and needy.

TOM: Our sound is sort of like…it does have dark elements to it and it does have lighter elements….but it’s not like polar opposites. It’s kind of like this….

CHRIS: Ominous tone.

TOM: Ominous tone, thank you.

CD: Keep describing your sound for me, like what are your influences and other things like that?

CHRIS: So our sound….Alex.

ALEX: I like to call us just a rock band. I don’t know. We’re definitely not the whole Brisbane indie scene sound.

CHRIS: We’ve kinda gone opposite to that. We’re definitely rock, it’s big…really big sounding. We use a lot of group vocals, lots of big guitar lead lines and a lot of it is atmospheric as well. It’s got a lot of atmosphere, whether it might be a quieter part or a big part; there is a sense of atmosphere in it. We like to be moved by music so we’ve got to move people with our music.

CD: Where do you get your inspiration from?

CHRIS: Band wise?

CD: Anything. So band wise, country wise, people wise.

TOM: I’d say we all had pretty varied influences and inspiration. Like each of us are pretty unique as people. And the things we grew up with are so different – with obviously a few things being similar but I mean we all came from different backgrounds as well, like family wise. I personally get my influence from all the things…like especially nature and my everyday life and lots of different types of music as well.

CHRIS: Yeah, I think songs obviously come through experience. We’ve had some songs inspired by countries….musically. We just draw upon what we’ve sort of grown up with. But it is so diverse so we come up with a sound that is unique. I think one of the big contributors of that is that we don’t listen to the same band or same album. If I talk to Tom, he’s listening to something this week and Jared is listening to something totally different. We always come together and say guys listen to this…like it might not be our thing but we get it and we try to draw from it. Yeah so everyone is so different and that’s why when we make a song, what we bring to the table is so unique.

CD: What are you guys working on at the moment?

CHRIS: We are working on our new EP, our next EP.

TOM: At this very moment.

ALEX: In the other room.

CHRIS: So we’ve already had one…self titled.

CD: So what was that all about?

ALEX: It was only four songs….five songs.

CHRIS: We had more. We probably had six or seven songs and we were like, here’s five. And we put them on an EP.

TOM: We didn’t really have anything in mind, didn’t have any immediate goals. We just had a couple of songs that we worked on together. It wasn’t really a project that we sat down and really organised; it was something we just did for fun. It helped to focus us. Like a year on from that EP, like coming up with our second one, this time we’re serious with it and sort of put our time, energy and resources into it. And act as if we were a band now. Not that we weren’t before but I mean we were really new. I think now we’re a lot more mature.

CHRIS: We learnt a lot along the way.

TOM: And I think this one is really going to be…I’m personally really excited about it.

CD: When do you hope to get it done?

CHRIS: So the new one, we’ve recorded everything, laid it all down and at this very moment it’s all getting mixed.  And after that it will be mastered. Sometime in Juuuuly we’ll release a single.

TOM: Ju-gust

CHRIS: It’ll all start happening around July/August. There’ll be a single drop and then the EP will come after that with all new songs. And we’ll be doing shows around that as well…going interstate as well as Brisbane.  So we’ll have our launch and all that but yeah we’ll do some interstate shows as well. It all kicks off all around then.

CD: Has it been hard chasing your dream?

ALEX: It definitely has its challenges.

TOM: I say with anything, not only music…if you wanna be a writer or a director or I don’t know if you’re into whatever…anything that you aspire to is a difficult journey; especially at such a young age. There’s only a select few people that really excel at this time of their life but we’re working really hard towards it and I think we’re doing a really good job.

CD: What do you guys do when not working on this? What other talents do you have?

CHRIS: Well we all study.

TOM: Except for Jared.

CHRIS: Jared works in the music industry. He works with some artists, and he does lots of tech-ing and tours…that sort of stuff. And he loves it.

TOM: I study music and I work with a school doing before and after school care. Which I love and I love working with kids and stuff. It’s great, I love it.

ALEX: I study…music. It’s like you can’t get away from it. And then I sort of do an internship producing music.

TOM: Alex is interning at the studio that we’re currently recording at.

CHRIS: I study business and I work as well. I work at a coffee store which is good. It’s good that I don’t have something relating to music. Like you need a break from the things you love which makes you appreciate them so much more.

TOM: And he’s single.

CHRIS: Apparently I bring the mystique to the band.

CD: The mystique and the coffee.

CHRIS: And the coffee, yeah.

CD: What’s been the greatest moment for you guys so far?

TOM: This so far has been the greatest moment for me…in the band. I mean I’m loving it. I’m loving being in the studio and recording, I think it’s great. Probably always the newest thing is the greatest for me.  Just cause I love experiencing the newest thing. We’ve done some pretty cool things but I like looking forward rather than looking back…always trying to move along and getting work done.

CHRIS: I know a part of it is as you progress, more and more people come to your shows and they start getting interested in your music. The fact that you actually hear people singing whilst you’re playing and sometimes you can hear them as loud as you and they’re just having a great time dancing and singing down the front. And you’re like – how the heck…I’ve never seen you before in my life, you know the lyrics and you’re dancing around and they’re just happy. Like that’s just awesome; seeing that your music is reaching people and having an effect on people is awesome…you can’t beat that.

CD: And you guys are on Triple J Unearthed?

CHRIS: Yes.  Well every single band in Australia is on Triple J Unearthed, so it’s kind of a good avenue to put our stuff on and then the radio pulls from that and they play our stuff, which is great. It gets our name out there and I think it’s a really cool thing they’re doing, definitely.

TOM: I was talking to Caleb Hodges, singer from Art of Sleeping, and he was telling me that he went on Triple J Unearthed and saw that Cold and Need had been playing on the radio. But apparently they spelt it as ‘Cold and Numb’ which was our last single.

CHRIS: Triple J, they’re great like that.

CD: What do you love about the music industry?

TOM: Can I tell you what I hate about it?

CD: That’s my next question but…start with your love.

TOM: I love that it’s never….the same for anyone. The music industry will be a different experience for everybody who has anything to do with it. Everyone involved in it will always have a different opinion or different idea of how to go about your band or management or whatever; there’s always a different idea and I think that’s a really cool thing. Cause no one can say – “This is the path you should take and that will bring you to fame.” It’s sort of like a journey and it’s really exciting. You’re investing your time and your money and you don’t know if it’s going to work out well for you or if it’s going to turn out really bad but you do it. And if it works out it’s like, ‘Yes! That was a great achievement.’ And if it works out bad then you’re like, ‘Well, cool; we got knocked down but we can give it another shot, see what we can do better next time.’

CD: Cool and what do you hate?

ALEX: Probably the same thing. You have to explore it yourself. There is no one way. It’s a love-hate relationship.

CHRIS: I think one of the things that are different to that….that I think we all share…..let’s not say hatred. I don’t like hatred. A dislike for, would definitely be cut copies of bands, the same thing again and again.

CD: So just explain ‘cut copy.’

CHRIS: So you listen to one band, one popular Brisbane band and you’ve listened to them all. The fact that there’s about five or so bands that are really popular out of Brisbane and they all sound the same. Which is great, cause they all make great music. But there’s just a lack of diversity sometimes… but it’s totally about what’s going to sell. You know there’s a certain thing that sells each time. So it kinda like when you’re doing something different it’s like – ‘Yes! I personally love this.’ And you love doing it but it just doesn’t grab, because at the moment it’s not that thing that everyone is looking for. So that’s the biggest things we never want to do. We never want to sell out and just do what everyone else is doing. And every single song and every single EP we do, that’s not the first thing on our minds. We’re wired not to do the same thing, we’re wired differently. So that’s what we do. We strive for difference and something different and something set a part. So yeah definitely, that’s one of the things we don’t like is bands copying each other. It’s like, ‘try something new. Step out and try something different.’ That’s something that we really enjoy doing.

CD: How has making connections helped you so far?

TOM: I first started booking gigs for us as a band by literally just getting on MySpace and Facebook and finding local bands that I thought were cool and just sent them an email saying, ‘Hey look, we’re in a new band and we’re really keen to start playing some gigs.’ And before long we were playing heaps of shows and that really helped us to get on to the music scene; and really start networking with other bands. I mean you send an email and you get a gig and then you have the whole night to sit down with those dudes or whatever and just have a chat with them. Once you do that they’re like, ‘You guys are really cool’ or ‘We like you’re music. Why don’t you come play another show and our other friends are playing at this too.’ And so you go there and have a chat with them and then you’re playing shows with their friends and their friends. Brisbane’s really cool like that because it’s kinda small. There’s always some weird connection between someone you know and another band. Everyone sort of knows what’s going on and I think that’s a really good thing about being in the Brisbane music scene in particular.

CD:  Why do you do it? a) for the love, b) for the fame, or c) for the girls?

ALEX: Chris is for the girls.

CHRIS: I need a girlfriend!

TOM: ‘C’ stands for Chris.

CHRIS: It’s not for the girls because we’ve all got girls and they’re not why we do it. You should probably be able to get a girl on your own merit, not because you’re in a band. That’s pretty sad. She only likes you because you’re in a band or she wants to get to the other guitarist or something. ‘Oh I know Matt Corby so she’ll hook up with and then meet Matt Corby.’

CD: Do you really know Matt Corby?

CHRIS: We know Matt Corby. He’s a good dude. So not for the ladies, so that’s cancelled out. Fame…we’re not famous yet, we’re still doing it so clearly no. And it’s for the love. If you don’t love something enough you’re not going to pursue it. Like what we were saying before about why’d we do it. It’s going to have its challenges but because you love it you keep doing it.

TOM: I think for me I’ve always really wanted to inspire younger kids to do music. I remember when I was growing up and I would find a CD and I would be like, ‘Wow! This is so cool.’ And I would want to know everything about that band. I would research it and listen to their music and I might learn some of their parts on the guitar or something like that…that was really special for me. Ever since I’d learnt music I’ve always wanted to be doing that for other people. That other people would listen to the songs that we would write and be like, ‘Oh that’s so cool. I really want to know about this band and go to their shows. I want to learn how to play the guitar or bass or drums so I can learn that song.’ That’s really special for me and I think if we were to become really successful and famous I would be so happy just to imagine all those younger kids out there keen to learn our music or just really excited to have this to listen to…it’s really special.

CD: Where do you hope your music will take you?

TOM: To great and wondrous heights.

CD: Is that your mantra?

CHRIS: No. It could be…

ALEX: It’s a motto. I think definitely as a band we want to head overseas.

CHRIS: I think overseas…awesome; in Australia…awesome. But if our music is reaching lots of people and if we’re moving those people with our music, inspiring those people with our music; you could be anywhere. It would be awesome and I’d love our music to take us around and to go to different places but all in all it’s to do that – to inspire people, to get your music to reach people. We just want our music to take us where we need to be to have its best impact.

CD: Would you ever do something like X Factor or the Voice?

CHRIS: My mum tells me to do that every year. She’s like ‘why don’t your band do that?’ And I’m sure it would be great but I don’t know…

ALEX: It just feels like it kills your credit.

TOM: I think I have prejudice against it along with a lot of musicians or singers. I feel as though the people that go on that show want to be famous. I could be 100% wrong in saying that but I feel as though that’s all they want from it and it’s not so much, as we were saying, for the love of the music and the creation behind it. Whereas most people on there are singing other peoples songs and getting praise for it and I don’t really see the credibility in that.

CD: In saying that how important is image to you guys?

TOM: Image is really important. I think face value for a lot of people is such a vital thing. Especially putting yourself out there like we are in the public eye; that’s definitely something you have to have on your conscious. In saying that it’s not really something we pride ourselves on, like our latest pair of shoes or Alex’s new T-shirt made our of board shorts.

CHRIS: It’s not so much the image like what they look like but the story behind how they got there. That all comes in as part of your image – how you got there, what you did to get there and the effort you put in. That’s why we want to be seen as hardworking and adventurous and fun, really passionate about it. That’s how we’d like to be seen.

CD: Lastly, where can people find you?

CHRIS: Right now they can go to Facebook. There’s music on there. They can go to iTunes and MySpace. You can download the songs off iTunes and Bandcamp, go to Unearthed as well. And we have shows, if you go to Facebook they can find out when the next shows are and when any fun stuff is coming up for us.

CD: Well it was awesome chatting to you guys and we look forward to your new EP.


They’re first single ‘Nam’ is now available on iTunes and look out for the EP release in August.