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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 23, 2020

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Jadewood Designs: Art for the Ears

Jadewood Designs: Art for the Ears

| On 09, Dec 2015

Treat your lobes to some serious ear-candy…


If you haven’t heard of Jadewood Designs, it’s high time you educate yourself. Jadewood is statement jewellery at its finest, and each piece is nothing short of a work of art. Based in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, each of the remarkable pieces are meticulously handcrafted in limited numbers ensuring that each piece is precious and unique to its owner.

It’s all about quality over quantity, proudly supporting a sustainable approach to fashion. The Jadewood customer strives to evoke unique sophistication in her appearance, embracing bold colours and textures and exuding confidence. Tahlee Woodland, owner and designer of the label gives insight into the world of designing accessories. The Creative Issue spoke with Tahlee on everything Jadewood Designs. 




TCI: How would you describe Jadewood Designs?

Tahlee Woodland: Jadewood is art for the ears and fun loving clothing. It is design with panache; a playful flamboyancy for the girl who likes to invest in her personal style.

TCI: How did the company begin?

Tahlee Woodland: It began with a handmade gift for a friend after our endless pining over the Dolce & Gabbana SS12 collection. We just couldn’t get over the big-ass earrings, so I made her a pair using similar materials. She got so many comments on them, (even got stopped int he street while walking to work) that she said “you should make more”. So I did, and here I am now.

TCI: How do you find inspiration to create a new collection?

Tahlee Woodland: A lot of inspiration comes from trawling through a diverse array of imagery on Pinterest.  Sometimes it comes from one particular material, or a colour combination, or a beading design. I never draw my jewellery designs before I make it, I always collect my materials and allow the designs to manifest naturally. The clothing is done in the opposite way, but usually based around the accessories. I tend to do fashion backwards and accessorise first.




TCI: How long does it take you to handcraft each piece?

Tahlee Woodland: I can take fifteen minutes for the simpler designs, or up to five hours for the more complex beaded styles.

TCI: Are there any designers that inspire your work?

Tahlee Woodland: Dolce & Gabbana and Ulyana Sergeenko – so in love. Naeem Khan has been a new discovery, and I am absolutely loving what he’s been coming out with. Some fabulous Australian designers too, like Alice McCall, Suzii K, Jaime Lee, Gorman, Easton Pearson and others.

TCI: How would you describe the average Jadewood Designs customer?

Tahlee Woodland: A Jadewood lady is someone who likes to invest in her personal style, and reflect her personality through fashion. She is unique, confident, and has an inner strength to make a bold statement with her fabulous lobe candy, or outrageously colourful outfit. She is very tactile, loving mixed texture, tantalising colour and silky tassels.

TCI: Are there any designers you’d like to collaborate with?

Tahlee Woodland: I adore collaborations, I find they illuminate the hidden styling options I haven’t thought of, expanding my design process in new and exciting ways, while creating a wonderful support network. I have already worked with Natashya Manfield and Suzii K, both have been amazingly rewarding experiences. I would absolutely love to work with Gorman or Easton Pearson. It would be fun to collaborate with almost anyone. I find it a great challenge.

TCI: What does the future hold for Jadewood Designs?

Tahlee Woodland: I have just released my debut clothing range through my S16 collection, Flora. It is an exciting, somewhat scary, new venture that I hope to grow in the future.





Browse more of the stunning collections at Jadewood Designs on their website.


Images: Reece Woodland