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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 22, 2019

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Interview with Louise Bourgoin

Interview with Louise Bourgoin

| On 14, Mar 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to sit down with the very beautiful and talented, Louise Bourgoin.

She was in Brisbane for the day to promote her film, Going Away (2013) which is showing as part of the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival in Brisbane until the 25th March.

CD: How are you enjoying your stay in Brisbane?

LB: I’m only here one day. I decided to not eat at lunch, instead I went to three museums! I went to GOMA and I saw the exhibition by the Chinese artist, the wolves and the animals around the waterhole. I loved it!

CD: You’ve had a few different jobs, art teacher, model, TV presenter and actress. What has been your favourite?

LB: My favourite job is the job that I have now, actually. To be an actress is great, I love what I do in movies, I love to play and also I love the life which goes with that. To travel a lot, to meet different people, it is very fulfilling.

I was a model to pay my tuition at an art school. I was a teacher, just to see if I would like, and I didn’t like it!

CD: How did you get in to acting?

LB: I started on a TV show. It was a humorous show and I was to do some sketches and imitations, on a comedy channel. From there Anne Fontaine noticed me and asked me to play in The Girl from Monaco, one of her movies.

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CD: What drew you to wanting act in GOING AWAY?

LB: I was moved by my character. I thought it was really realistic and the fact that she doesn’t have the custody of her son, but she tried to work hard for him, yet each time she failed. Her tough life moved me and I really wanted to play her.

At the beginning the script was not for me, it was written for another actress but luckily they did a casting and I got it.

CD: You’re out here for the French Film Festival, any films you think we have to see? Apart from GOING AWAY of course!

LB: Actually I have seen most of the movies because I’m a really big cinephiliac and they have already been released in France a few months ago, some even last year. There are so many I liked!

I’m lucky to be in France because the French cinema is full of diversity.

CD: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors and actresses?

LB: Oh! Um … I’m a special case because I never took any lessons. I’ve done 12 movies and each time the directors I work with tell me that they chose me because I never took any formal lessons. I think it’s a bit unfair because a few actresses came to me and say, how am I supposed to do what you do, I need lessons.

It comes down to what the director wants. A good director has a strong point of view and believes that everyone can be a good actress, even if they are an amateur!

CD: What’s next for you? Any projects on the go?

LB: Yes actually, next week I start a new movie. I will be in Morocco for two months. It’s based on a true story, it’s about French people who went in 2007 to Africa to take some kids for adoption, but without any legal papers.

I’m very excited about it!

Going Away has various screening times throughout the festival, check them out here.