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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 28, 2022

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Interview with Soviet X-ray Record Club

Interview with Soviet X-ray Record Club

| On 20, Jan 2014

Soviet X-ray Record Club is a post-punk, dream, goth pop band.


All of those things.

Starting in 2010, front-man Steven Appleton produced an album under the name Howling Rabbits.  Then a garage psyche-punk band, Appleton set about recruiting a band to play live gigs with. That’s when the fun really started.

In August 2012, Appleton joined forces with four musicians; Cameron Nicholls on guitar, Leith Jacobs on drums, Steve Graham on bass and Shaun Paton on keys. Changing their name to Soviet X –Ray Record Club, the boys dropped the garage element and began to create an entirely new sound.

CD: How exactly did you guys come up with the name?

Steven: “It actually comes from a piece of history. Back during the cold war in the Soviet, jazz and rock music were all banned. The only way you could get it was this guy who created a machine that made records from an old gramophone.

“There was no vinyl, so he used to steal x-rays from the hospitals and etch the music on to that. Then he’d roll them up and get them over to the East so people could listen to Bill Haley and all the jazz greats.”

Playing to a niche crowd, the guys from SXRC have found that while a lot of bands down south in Sydney and Melbourne are doing a similar kind of thing, the market for their music is only just starting to come-to in Brisbane.

SXRC’s sound is probably easiest to understand in terms of The Cure.  The dark, gothic melodies, mixed in with enough rock to feed your inner filth, is the kind of tunes you should expect. Their latest single, Magnetic North, does not disappoint.

In a strange turn of events, the guys found themselves playing a sell out show in Ipswich. The next morning they woke to their ‘ugly mugs’ on the front cover of the morning newspaper the next day.

When not playing a gig at their regular haunts, such as Black Bear Lodge, The Zoo and Ric’s Bar, SXRC spend their time playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Having one of the most genuine conversations I’ve had in a long time, I can safely say that these dudes are worth looking into. Clever, creative and making some truly interesting music, Soviet X-ray Record Club may just be Brisbane’s new protégé.