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Interview: Vish Prasad of Wil Valor

Interview: Vish Prasad of Wil Valor

| On 18, Sep 2013

Tucked in just off Park Road in Milton, lies Wil Valor, menswear mecca.

Men, it’s time for to learn what a tailored suit really means, and ladies better grab your boyfriends and husbands to take them down to get fitted at Wil Valor.

With an enviable client list that includes Damien Anthony Rossi of The Sunday Mail and Geoffrey Kuehner, the General Manager at the Brisbane Broncos, the guys behind Wil Valor really know what they’re doing.

Combining craftsmanship with timeless polish and current styles, Wil Valor will provide the perfect suit to turn any man into a confident, sophisticated style guru.

With a MBFF show fresh off their heels, we sit down with Vish Prasad of Wil Valor to have a chat about everything menswear.

CD: How did your show at MBFF go?

Vish:  Excellent.  Really well.  We had a great response because we had a fair bit of colour.  Not so much pattern, but more so lots of colours.  There was a lot of pastels and a lot of brights trying to bring out the nature into fashion.  We tried to keep that theme throughout the show through butterflies.

CD:  How do you decide what clothing you’re going to source and what is your inspiration behind it all?

Vish:  Well, it has to develop from an idea of a theme.  One outfit has to flow into another.  Generally, we work out a feel, and then we go from there.

Photo by Lucinda


CD:  What is the main aesthetic at Wil Valor?

Vish:  For us, I guess, direction in style depends on the person.  Everything is bespoke.  We like to work with someones own sense of style.  If we think they need to be pushed in a certain direction, well do it, but we wont completely change the way they look.

CD:  How long have you guys been here for?

Vish:  We have been here in Mitlon for two years!

CD:  What do you think are some of the upcoming trends for Spring and Summer?

Vish:  I am definitely seeing a fair bit of colour coming through, in the sense of the lighter colours.  Not only the blues – because blue is a classic look for guys in navy suits and lighter blue suits.  I’m thinking even lighter purples, working with certain whites as well, and combining them with other colours.  I’m not talking about colour blocking, but more colour complimenting.

CD:  What is your general style?  Personal?

Vish:  I generally wear an odd jacket pant combo.  I am not a full suit person.  I do own full suits, but I like to break it up.  I have a light grey suit, and a really rich navy jacket, and I like to wear the navy jacket with the light grey pants, and vice versa.  This is what I try to teach my clients – if you get two suits, you’re not just getting two outfits… You’re getting four.

CD:  Tell us a bit more about Wil Valor as a brand.

Vish:  Basically, we source all our own fabrics.  It is all about the fabrics.  We get some Italian cloth, British cloth, and Spanish cloth.  The shoes stocked in the store we have been doing with G&L Shoes in Sydney.  The bowties we make, from any fabric as well.

 CD:  What is the price range for a suit?

Vish:  We like to start the suits around about $1300 and they can go up to around $3000.

CD:  What is the most classic look for male dressing?

Vish:  A navy suit.



Photo by Lucinda


If you make a booking prior to shopping at Wil Valor, you will receive 10% off your purchase.  Yay for discounts!

Located:  5/41 Park Rd, Milton

Phone: 1300 309 272


Instagram:  @WilValor

Twitter:  @WilValor