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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 5, 2021

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Introducing Azura Runway

Introducing Azura Runway
Teagan Witherow

Online shopping has emerged into the ‘new normal’ and Azura is ahead of the game.

What is Azura?

Azura was started eighteen months ago by two Sydney entrepreneurs, Sam Wood and Tim Bloore.


Founders of Azura

The founders of Azura: Sam Wood and Tim Bloore


Azura provides big brands plug n’ play access into 100+ e-commerce marketplaces.

These marketplaces include their own luxury marketplace Azura Runway and fast-fashion marketplace Azura Exchange

Azura is already distributing some of the world’s most coveted designer brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Prada.


Why is Azura ‘ahead of the game’?

The success of this newly developed company is already skyrocketing with revenues up 34 per cent month-on-month since September.

Their zero-inventory business model is what makes Azura unique.

The “business model involves brands and distributors holding stock, minimising Azura’s risk and allowing investment, rather than inventory to drive scalability,” said Founder and CEO Sam Wood.

“With access to industry-leading AI and machine learning, Azura’s platform can curate 150,000 products from over 1,200 brands in a matter of moments and feed these items into these e-commerce marketplaces.”

Mr Wood said Azura aspires to match the size of similar companies including Farfetch, which has a market capitalisation of about twenty-billion-US-dollars.


How can you be involved?

If you are someone interested in shares, now is the time to get involved.

This three-million-dollar annual run rate fashion platform is seeking one-million-dollars in crowd-sourced funding to capitalise on the COVID-fuelled online boom.

The company is offering up to one-million shares at an issue price of just one-dollar each.

Azura is even providing all investors with up to a twenty per cent discount on the Azura Runway marketplace.

Head to Azura Consulting to find out more about investor benefits and contact information.

Even if you aren’t planning on investing, the Azura website is well worth checking out and who knows, you might find yourself with a few too many designer items in your cart.