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Jacu Espresso

Jacu Espresso

| On 24, May 2014

Tucked away on the corner of Bennetts Rd and Crown St is one of Norman Park’s favourite cafes: Jacu Espresso.

Serving a delicious all day breakfast menu, freshly baked goods and some of the best coffee in the southeast, this café is well worth a visit.

The perfect mid-week breakfast can be hard to find. Nothing too big, or too greasy will do. Fresh is best and being able to complete the remainder of the workday without a food baby is a must.

Jacu delivers on all of these fronts. With their friendly, chipper service, you can’t help but smile, even if, like me, you are not at all a morning person. The coffee comes out quickly (thank God!) and is smooth and creamy.


For my mid week breakfast I ordered field mushrooms on sourdough toast with roasted pumpkin and Parmesan. The mushrooms are plump and juicy with melted Parmesan cheese oozing on top. This blends perfectly with the cumin spiced pumpkin puree and chunks of roasted pumpkin, which add a new element to an otherwise conventional dish. The fresh parsley and basil leaves alleviate any potential heaviness of the dish and make it light and fresh.



On this particular breakfast I was dining with my mama and was slightly envious of  the avocado on toast that she ordered. Her dish is worthy of a #foodporn hashtag on Instagram. The toasted sourdough is accompanied by  a trio of bowls filled with mashed avocado, Danish feta and carrot jam. Whilst this dish was very photo-friendly, it did not taste as classically simple as it looked. The carrot jam was more of a carrot pickle and as the avocado was tinted with Tabasco sauce. The sourness and heat of the dish was surprisingly unbalanced.


On the whole, Jacu Espresso is a lovely café that delivers on friendly service, fresh, wholesome food and a coffee well worth returning to.

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Jacu Espresso is a sweet, neighbourhood cafe that offers more than your standard fare.