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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 8, 2021

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June in Retrospective: Best Aus Releases from Brisbane and Beyond

June in Retrospective: Best Aus Releases from Brisbane and Beyond
Harry Bain





As we head into July we’ve officially entered the second half of 2018. It’s been a great year for Australian music and June was no different. Let’s take a look back at the month that just went by and check out some of the month’s best local releases from the Brisbane music scene and beyond!


We may be half the size of Sydney and Melbourne, but we can stand proud with a diverse and compelling music scene that can hold it’s own against the cities down South. Here’s some great Brissy tracks from June.

Sweater Curse – Can’t See You Anymore [SINGLE – 4th June]

A staple of the local Brisbane scene, Sweater Curse have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to consistently produce solid tracks. ‘Can’t See You Anymore’ is no different with it’s jangly guitar melodies and Monica’s introspective, and almost spoken word, vocals making for an original and tasty piece of indie-rock. After releasing the single, Sweater Curse are heading on a national tour this month with performances in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle. They play in Brisbane on the 13th of July at the Foundry. More information on that can be found here:

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Mantashade – Try Falling [Single – 16th June]

A strong debut from Brisbane indie-rock band Mantashade with their track ‘Try Falling’. Pretty guitar lines and steady drums accompany Ashley Pager’s vocals, building momentum until the final minute of the track. The songs finale sees the band unleashing their energy into an angsty alternative-rock-esque breakdown. It’s a solid first release and I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys might come out with next.

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L.Flora – L.Flora [ALBUM – 22nd June]

Brisbane Neo-Soul four-piece L.Flora released their debut self titled album late last month. The album delivers a mixture of groovy guitar tones, fat bass-synth lines and self described “sassy” vocals which result in a refreshingly original and beautifully presented package. ‘L.Flora’ is a over a year in the making and approaches ideas of self worth, relationships and female empowerment. This album is well worth a listen. Get it here.

L. Flora by L. Flora

Jye – Drift Away [EP – 27th June] 

‘Drift Away’ is Brisbane dream pop artist Jye Geltch’s second EP. Dreamy guitar and synth lines feature heavily throughout the four track release with Jye’s melty vocals complimenting the instrumentals beautiful. This is personally one of my favourite local EP releases of the year, it’s just so beautifully put together and is exactly what you want from a lo-fi dream-pop release. Close your eyes and let it lift you up and take you somewhere. Get it here.



Let’s not forget all the great stuff coming out of the rest of the country. Here’s a few great tracks from June, straight from Aus.

Moaning Lisa – Good [SINGLE – 5th June] – CANBERRA

Hailing from our country’s fair capital is Moaning Lisa, a four piece alternative-rock outfit who have released their second single of the year with ‘Good’. Soaring guitars and dreamy harmonies reign supreme on this track complete with distortion and reverb’y vocals reminiscent of mid 90s shoegaze. It’s fuzzy, it’s uplifting, it’s dreamy, and it’s really really good stuff.

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Pamela St – Bad Company [SINGLE 7th June] – MELBOURNE

Pamela St are four friends from Melbourne. Their first single ‘Bad Company’ is a punchy tune that conjures up feelings of youthful nostalgia in a comforting way; like lying under a warm blanket or something like that. It’s a song that demands to be sung out loud from a band that deserves your attention.

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Ro – Diary [SINGLE – 18th June] – MELBOURNE

Another debut single this time from Melbourne based indie-pop singer Ro with ‘Diary’. It’s about coming clean to the one you love and coming to terms with the fact that you’re not perfect. Ro’s vocal style and the addictive guitar line make for a catchy tune that’ll have you tapping your feet to the rhythm. She is definitely one to watch.

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That’s just a small taste of the great releases from around Australia in June. Get out there and dive into your local scene, there is so much talent in this country waiting to be discovered. There are some great upcoming releases this month so stay tuned for the best of July!