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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 24, 2020

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Jungle Touch Down In Australia With For Ever

Jungle Touch Down In Australia With For Ever
Olivia Gliku

Ahead of their Tivoli show this Friday, we caught up with Tom of the UK’s Jungle. 

With a new release under their belt and tour dates to match, Tom let us into the world of Jungle over the creation of their sophomore album.

Heading into the creation of For Ever, Tom explained that he and Jack went in with a particular goal; creating a piece of substance by putting their own experiences and emotions on paper, without putting themselves in a box, sonically.

“We’ve both been through a lot of crap in our lives over the couple of years,” he explained. “We were just quite keen to challenge ourselves to put it on page and make sure that this album felt more biographical than the first one we did.”

Part of this motivation came from reflecting on their debut self-titled album, released in 2014. Reflecting upon that album, Tom explained that the tracks painted sonic images for imaginary scenarios, rather than authentic personal experiences.

“We felt, looking back, that there wasn’t a lot in those songs. As an artist you want to make sure that your work effects people, that it effects you. It felt like we were making a real album for the first time and that was a really beautiful thing to see through to completion,” Tom said.

“Making the second album, it was fraught with our own insecurities, other people’s preconceptions or misconceptions about what we should or shouldn’t be,” he said. “We stuck it out and I think that’s testament to the fact that me and Josh have a really great creative and personal relationship with each other, and obviously, we have a massive passion to keep doing what we do.”

For Jungle, tapping into a sense of emotional maturity, while getting in touch with those feelings played a huge role in creating For Ever, in particular, Tom explained that he and Josh particularly enjoyed, within themselves, breaking down what they felt to be a “forced perception of masculinity”, alongside “the negative connotations of masculinity it has.”

“The prospect of wearing your heart on your sleeve is daunting, but once you do it, it’s a much [more free] place to live.” Tom said.

“I think we would’ve been really disappointed if we let our fans down, if we didn’t finish the album, or not made it, or not made a good one at least,” Tom explained “So, yeah we’re super happy and that means that we can get out on the road and share it with everyone again.”

Luckily, disappointment was nowhere to be seen with the release of For Ever. Alongside opening up to their own emotions, Jungle opened up to musical expression from other artists, yet another decision that paid off well.

“It was the first time we’d ever really let a group other musicians into our process to play our music and to see those people expressing our songs in their own way, through their own instruments, because obviously they bring so much more heart and soul to it themselves because they’re the ones who are transmitting their thoughts through their fingers, and their strings and their instruments. Yeah, that was a really beautiful thing to see” he said.

After testing the waters with new material with Falls Festival 2018/2019, Tom said the new tour comes as an exciting experience “to see the reaction to the new songs now that [our audience] know them. ” And if you’re on the way to one of the shows, his best advice is to “bring your dancing shoes and tissues”

Tickets to the Brisbane leg of Jungle’s tour are still available, but at a limited capacity. Check out the link below to get your hands on tickets.

Facebook: Jungle
Instagram: @Jungle4Eva
Twitter: @Jungle4Eva

: Jungle at The Tivoli
Where: The Tivoli – 52 Costin St, Brisbane, QLD 4006
When: 26 April
How Much: $69.90
Website: link to website

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