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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 8, 2021

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Junior Danger's Debut Album, Tour and More

Junior Danger’s Debut Album, Tour and More

| On 31, Jan 2018

We recently caught up Darren of Junior Danger, local with swamp rock legends. Junior Danger recently dropped their debut self-titled album, and to celebrate, they’re kicking off an album tour this weekend.

Just wanting to start something new, “we started sort of going in a different direction musically and then along the way, we headhunted Tom, our drummer. He was in a band at the time, that we’d gigged with regularly. We really liked his style, so I think convinced him over a nice bottle of rum that our band was the right choice for him at the time and never really looked back along the way. After the first EP came out, Michael decided to leave the band and focus more on his career and family life, and that’s when we recruited Damien.”

“We call Damo the ‘Belligerent Grandad’ because he’s the old guy always complaining about ‘kids these days'”

“Tom’s definitely the larger than life character at times. We call him ‘The Colonel’ and he’s always bringing some fast-paced fun to the table.”

Junior Danger are just one of Brisbane’s local acts taking the stage by storm lately, so we were keen to learn which fellow artists Darren has been loving lately.

“I really like Elko Fields.They’re touring with us at the show at The Globe… They make a lot of noise for a two piece”

He’s says he’s also loving Zed Charles whose gun-slinging guitar-playing” is hard to go past.

Setting out to create an album that replicated their live show, Junior Danger head into the studio with their demo tracks.

“Writing wise it was really, again, it’s been finished for about a year. So we’re talking a two odd years ago, three years ago, that the writing process first started. It was really just about sitting down and spanking the plank, and seeing what sort of riffs came out initially. Once we had a few riffs behind us, we started trying to turn them into songs. We put a lot of work into the songs, and as we started getting to a point where we were happy with it, we’d start demoing it.”

“Usually once the demo was finished, I’d start to hate the song and consider it dog shit, which would really piss the rest of the band off. We’d go back to the drawing board, and a lot of them got rewritten from there. So, it was a pretty length process. By the time we got into the studio, we had demo recordings of about 16 or 17 different songs. I think we recorded about 14 of them and out of that picked our favourite odd ten to pile into the album.”

While it might sound like a tedious process, Junior Danger were left with an impressive final result.

You can catch Junior Danger launching the album at Fortitude Valley’s New Globe Theatre. Darren says that the band is looking forward to the show. They’ll be joined by Elko Fields, The Desert Sea and Wakan Phoenix.

They’re back onto writing, with about eight tracks for their next release already penned. Darren says that the next album will feature more of his cowriting with Tom and a “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” attitude.

What Junior Danger Album Launch

When Saturday February 3rd, 7pm

Where New Globe Theatre, Fortitude Valley

Cost Free

More information Supports by Elko Fields, The Desert Sea and Wakan Phoenix

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