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Interview: Alanna Blundo, Yoga Entrepreneur with a Twist

Interview: Alanna Blundo, Yoga Entrepreneur with a Twist

| On 21, Feb 2015

There is something to be said about inspiring entrepreneurs’ who create businesses out of something that works for them during their life. The business of helping people creates businesses that flourish and get results.

Alanna Blundo, the creator behind ‘Keep Your Circle Positive’ and active Yoga teacher, is creating a small empire for herself and all the people she helps by teaching yoga and through her weekly writings.

Alanna is the perfect example of picking yourself back up from life’s tests and it shows in her work.


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I sat down with Alanna to get an insight as to why she chose the direction taken and her plans for the future.

TCI: What inspired you to start yoga? How has it benefited your life?

Alanna: I was encouraged to start yoga by my therapist when my anxiety was really bad. I initially thought there was no way that it could possibly help me at all. It just seemed very hocus-pocus if you know what I mean. After my first class I was completely hooked. I had a private session just to get an idea of the poses. After the first class I can’t explain the relief I felt from my anxiety. The proof was in the practice. I started going once a week, and then twice a week and eventually did my teacher training. I think it’s safe to say that it has completely changed my life and I’m so grateful for that.

TCI: What made you to take that step further to teach yoga?

A: My teacher asked me to do teacher training about 3 months after I had started practicing. I thought she was crazy! However my therapist at the time said to me, “Alanna, she wouldn’t have asked you for no reason.” I had so much doubt in myself though. The only reason I was doing yoga was for myself. I was so committed because I wanted to overcome my anxiety and it was really working for me. Time went on and I had another teacher who I took private classes with say to me out of nowhere that she thought I would be a good teacher. The very next day I applied for teacher training. I really felt like it was a sign from the Universe. I didn’t even know if I would teach yoga at the end of the course. I only decided to do the course because it was something that I was interested in and I could see how much it was helping me. In the end I loved it so much I couldn’t even fathom going back to my full time job.

TCI: Your weekly blog seems to be booming with lots of readers! How do you come up with what to share with your audience?

A: I never really plan what I am going to write. If you were to ask me what I am going to write next week I have no idea. I am just in a routine now where every Monday I go to chanting meditation in the morning and then I sit down to write straight after that. It’s just whatever comes up in the moment and it is generally some kind of lesson or insight I’ve gathered recently in my own life. I try to keep it very current by sharing the lessons I am learning right now, it seems to help people connect better with what I write.

TCI: What are your ultimate goals for your business?

A: The ultimate goal of my business is to help as many people as I can by sharing what I’ve learned through the practice of yoga and through writing. It’s about healing and transformation. I’d also really like to encourage more people to use tools such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation as opposed to anti-depressant medications in order to reduce stress, anxiety and depression because these are the things that worked for me.

TCI: When did you know you wanted to start a business out of what you had learnt from yoga and its teachings?

A: I’ve always known that I would run my own business, I just never knew what that business was going to be. The thought of me having a career where I worked for someone else never felt right to me. The idea actually came to me in the middle of teacher training! I really wanted to give back and I knew that by teaching and writing I would be able to help other people.

TCI: Some freelance workers find it hard to keep motivated and inspired. What do you do to keep yourself working and interested?

A: Good question! Definitely something I have been working on. I’ve found it’s good to keep in a routine, so I go to fitness training and yoga generally in the morning to start my day right. I also meditate daily. I have my entire schedule on a whiteboard so I am clear about what I am doing every day. I write that up every Sunday. I’ve also joined a networking group which was one of the best decisions I have ever made, sometimes it gets lonely being a solo-preneur working from home. The women in my group are really amazing. We keep each other motivated and inspired and genuinely want to help each other succeed in business and in life. Definitely a game changing decision for me.

TCI: Can we expect anything else that’s new from your business (yoga, website, blog, book) in the year 2015?

A: Of course you can! There’s actually quite a few things. I’m currently turning a room at my house into a mini studio, so soon enough I will be taking privates there from the comfort of my own home. I’m really excited about getting to share the gift of yoga in a 1-1 environment as well as continuing my group classes. As you know I’m going to be writing a book at the end of the year so stay tuned for that. I’m looking to further my skills in coaching and also Thai Yoga Massage which will be included in my 1-1 service. In addition to this, and although it may seem very left of field I’m also going to be building websites for other people as I built my own just for the remainder of 2015. You can email me directly via my website for more information.

Check out Alanna’s website for weekly blogs, Yoga session and all round positivity.


Image credits: Alanna Blundo