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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 26, 2022

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Kicking Goals and Breaking Stigmas with GLASS

Kicking Goals and Breaking Stigmas with GLASS
Tom Linkins

Born out of a desire to elevate young voices and earn writing credits, GLASS Magazine was launched by a group of QUT students in 2019.

One year, and six successful issues later, four new editors have stepped up to the table to get Issue 7 rolling off the presses.

The Issue 7 team — Em Readman, Ashleigh North, Jess Perkins and Jasmin Graves — may be fresh faced, but they are not to be underestimated. With less than a month between the submission deadline and publication date they were praying for nothing short of a miracle.

On top of selecting and editing the forty-plus contributions that made the cut, the new editors also delivered editorial feedback to those that didn’t. This echoes the sentiments of other youth-led publications like Voiceworks, and speaks volumes about the young editors’ dedication to emerging voices.

Two weeks later (thanks to all-nighters powered by caffeine and determination) Issue 7: Breaking the Stigma was born. Clocking in at over 80 pages Issue 7 is GLASS’s biggest issue to date. The stunning layout of the final product is a credit to the ineffable talents of Emily Hill, the graphic designer who brought everything together at the final hour.

Launch Night.

The Creative Issue clinked Cosmos (smartly rebranded as Glass Ceilings) and got chatty with editor Em Readman at the launch. Here’s what we talked about…

The Creative Issue: GLASS Magazine was founded by students for students in early 2019, what’s your vision for it going forward in 2020?

Em Readman: GLASS made a lot of strides in 2019, but in 2020 we aim to make it a lot more of an established magazine. GLASS 2020 is building on the work of the previous editors, who left us a lot to work with. We are doubling the size of the magazine, inviting work from all faculties across the university and pushing into multimedia avenues like the online news site, podcasts and IGTVs.

TCI: What does it mean to you as an up-and-coming editor/writer/overal-boss to have the opportunity to work within a student oriented magazine backed and supported by larger institutions?

ER: The absolute world. Being an editor of a magazine is something I thought I’d do when I was 25, not 20. To be thrown into the job and be given the chance not only to edit a magazine this young, but also to use my privilege here to champion other young writers is so fantastic. To be supported by the QUT Guild to make this is amazing as well; any young creative knows that having support to cover the overhead of printing your project is invaluable.

TCI: What can readers expect to look forward to this issue?

ER: There’s so much in the Breaking the Stigma issue. You’ll find amazing work from writers and artists across all six faculties, from essay to photography, poetry to cocktail recipes. Our contributors responded to the theme in more way that we thought imaginable, so you’ll definitely get an incredibly mixed bag in this issue. A personal favourite of mine is “I’m Just A Person Who Sits In A Chair’ by Cassandra Grey. I cried when I read that submission.

TCI: Where can we pick up a copy?!

ER: You can pick up a copy in the student bars, at our offices, and around the cafes on campus.

Last Words.

Submissions for GLASS Issue 8 are opening soon! Follow GLASS on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop.

What: GLASS Magazine Issue 7
Where: Available on campus at QUT, also available online here
How Often: Two issues per semester
How Much: FREE

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