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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 15, 2021

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A Brisbane Gem: Komorebi Jewellery

A Brisbane Gem: Komorebi Jewellery
Jennifer Brown

Nature, crystals, a gypsy heart and a whole lot of soul are only a few of the many things that go into these designs, despite their minimalist appearance. From the dainty, yet charming earrings to the bold and custom made bridal head pieces, Komorebi’s designs were nothing short of interesting and alluring.

Whether you are a free spirit, gypsy goddess or a renegade, Komorebi will definitely be for you. Created with quality components, natural gemstones, Komorebi will be sure to adorn you with a minimalistic bohemian flair.

TCI: What inspired and motivated you to start up your business? How did it all start?
KJ: Komorebi began when I was searching for my own dream wedding headpiece, and couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. I began tinkering with gemstones and chain, and requests started coming in from friends and family. I created a range of jewellery and I booked in for a market stall on a whim! Once I saw how people were excited by what I was doing, it propelled me forward. It keeps inspiring me to create and expand.

TC: What is the meaning behind your business name?
KJ: Komorebi is a Japanese word used to describe sunlight filtered through the trees. It encapsulates a sense of natural beauty that I want to be found in all of my pieces. I love working with natural gemstones and pearls. It lifts my gypsy spirit when I feel a connection with the earth.

TCI: How would you describe the style of your jewellery?
KJ: Minimalist bohemian-luxe

TCI: What sort of accessory do you enjoy making most?
KJ: Custom bridal headpieces have a special place in my heart! It is an honour to make something of significance that will be treasured and remembered with love.

TCI: What would have to be your favourite crystal/stone?
Labradorite has always drawn me in. It is a beautiful reflective grey stone that lights up green and blue in the sun. It’s a stone of magic, mysticism and strength.

TCI: Do you have a certain process when it comes to designing some pieces? For instance, you also make wedding/bridal pieces, (which are so beautiful by the way!), do you usually work with your client or are they designs and creations you do on your own?
When I’m creating custom pieces with my brides I have a few questions I ask them about design to get a feel for what they are after. I sketch a couple of options and once I hit something the bride is in love with I tweak the design until it is perfect! This is usually all done via email and is a pretty straight-forward process.

Photographer: N P Wedding Photography, Model: Zoe Carstairs, Hair & Makeup: Blush & Bangs

TCI: Do you have any favourite creations?
I am currently in love with my Odessa gemstone Y necklaces – the satellite chain is so beautiful! They pair nicely with my Eclipse hoops earrings.

TCI: Being a Brisbane based designer, what would be your favourite thing about Brisbane? Are there any areas of Brisbane that you can draw inspiration from? Or anything you love most about it in general?
KJ: I’m inspired by beautiful open-minded people that live here; the eclectic fashion; the twinkling lights over the river; the peace of nearby rain-forests and oceans. I love the wide tree-lined streets and the old Queenslander houses. Brisbane is a great city to live in.

TCI: Any proud moments with your business? eg. Publication, Fashion Show, photoshoot etc.?
KJ: We are lucky enough to have been featured in a range of publications and blogs, from British Vogue to White Mag and 100 Layer Cake. We love collaborating with super talented vendors to create magical photoshoots!

TCI: Aside from your business, what hobbies do you have and what do you like to do in your spare time?
KJ: I’m a huge foodie and a yoga junkie! I love to spend my time taking my daughter out for babychinos and traipsing around Brisbane on adventures.

TCI: Where can people find you and when? (Which markets you mainly attend)
KJ: Davies Park Markets and West End is where you’ll be able to find me from time to time! Check my Facebook page for all market dates. This Sunday (18th March) you can find us at the Stones Corner Market from 10am til 3pm.