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Korean BBQ At Midam

Korean BBQ At Midam

| On 19, Jan 2015

Since the closure of Korean restaurant Obaltan over a year ago, I’ve been searching for a new restaurant to satisfy my Korean BBQ cravings.

Thankfully, I have found it.

Whilst a tad out of the way, Midam, in Sunnybank, is well worth the drive.

Offering a $29 ‘All You Can Eat’ BBQ buffet, Midam is one of the most generous Korean BBQ restaurants I’ve come across.

Strips of wagyu, marinated pork and chicken and plump little octopus fill the buffet and are just begging to be fried over hot coals and devoured.




Dipping sauces are also supplied alongside a cabbage salad that is perfect for mixing with the rich meats. Korean cuisine is filled with side dishes, or banchan, that bring elements of spice, pickle, bite and more to the meal. A classic Korean accompaniment to any meal, but to Korean BBQ in particular is kimchi, which is cabbage pickled in chilli. While every restaurant will have their own version of kimchi, and their own assortment of side dishes, you can rest assured that they will add some extra interest and deliciousness to you meal.

Whilst Korean BBQ is always reliably tasty, it is the act of cooking it with friends that really makes the experience so enjoyable. The task is simple and surprisingly efficient with tongs and oversized scissors at hand. And leaving with the scent of barbecued meats on your clothes will always ensure sweet dreams.





Another favourite dish found at many Korean restaurants is Haemul Pajeon, which is a pancake made with a thick batter, filled with seafood and onion. Midam’s savoury pancake is seriously comforting with juicy little bites of calamari, octopus and baby prawns strewn throughout amongst dots of green onion and chilli.

Overall, Midam supplies diners with all they need to create an enjoyable and delicious night. From their meats, to the side dishes, to the menu of noodle and soup dishes, this is definitely one of the better Korean BBQ restaurants in Brisbane. Whether you’re a fan of Korean BBQ or have never tried it, Midam should definitely be on your list to try out.






Who Midam

Where Centro Pinelands, 3/21 Farne Street, Sunnybank Hills

When Mon-Sun 5-10pm