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Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

| On 17, May 2014

I luuurrrve fried chicken.

“Sure”, I hear you saying- “who doesn’t like fried chicken?” “It’s delicious.”

But I really love it. More than you could. It makes my life better. Probably doesn’t make life great for my arteries but my belly is having enough fun to make up for it.

I was recently introduced to the Korean version of fried chicken called chimaek. Chimaek is a combination of chicken and maekju, which is the Korean word for beer. Chicken and beer has been a favourite amongst Korean students for years as it is inexpensive, tasty and leaves you a little tiddly.

It is now a favourite of mine.

I recently shared my first chimaek experience with my Korean girlfriend and now I need to share it with you.

Sukachi on Albert St is the inner city haven for Korean fried chicken.

K-Pop plays merrily throughout the room and dancing along to the elaborate dance routines is completely unavoidable and totally entertaining.


Korean Pop Group Crayon Pop are never seen without their helmets. Seriously.

Another element of Korean culture that I love is their absolute refusal to drink without food. At every Korean restaurant where you order an alcoholic drink, you will always be presented with free snacks.

I should’ve been born Korean. This is a custom I can understand.

Nibbling on the Korean version of popcorn, which somehow feels much more sophisticated to eat out than regular popcorn, is my idea of fun.

And now down to the serious business.

The chicken.

Hosaku offers multiple flavours across both baked and fried chicken.

Baked. Ha. Wusses. Imma stick to my fried chicken.

We opted for the teriyaki chicken and the hot and spicy chicken. These came out happily nestled alongside each other in a giant bowl for a meager $30. The chicken had been boned, to make them even more finger lickin’ good. Which they were.

Both flavours perfectly complemented the sweet, juicy chunks of chicken. The sticky sauce of the hot and spicy chicken fast became my favourite.

So dang beautiful.

For someone that reviews restaurants and drinks cocktails for fun, I’m usually left broke at the end of the week. This is one restaurant where I will always leave with my wallet almost as full as my belly. It is a flavour sensation that must be experienced by every person.


The Details

Who: Sukachi

Where: 4/108 Albert St, Brisbane City

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Student Friendly

Cheap, delicious chicken and free sides. What's not to love?.