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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 5, 2021

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La Vie Boheme, Designs Out Of Melbourne

La Vie Boheme, Designs Out Of Melbourne

| On 25, Jan 2015

La Vie Boheme designs is a brand out of Melbourne working out of the peninsula. A small jewellery brand that is expanding as time goes on, it offers designs for sophisticated and chic women all around.


The first time I bought off of La Vie Boheme designs I purchased two coin rings. I was completely obsessed with them and two years later the obsession with this brand still continues. Recently, I spoke with the brands director and designer Elle about her beloved brand and where it’s heading this year.

la vie boheme logo

Creative Drinks: What inspired you to start your business?

Elle: My business started after I started making things for myself just as a hobby. With my friends and families encouragement I let the idea grow and after going through a brand overhaul 2 years ago I feel like it’s heading in a great direction.

la vie boheme bracelts

CD: Which words best describe La Vie Boheme Designs?

E: Fun, Bold, feminine, retrospective and brave.


CD: Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

E: I draw on inspiration from travel and music. Often my pieces are inspired by the music I’m listening to at the time – you’ll see many of my pieces are named after famous musicians or songs.


CD: Who do you invision wearing your designs?

E: I see bright and daring women who are comfortable in their own skin – they ooze a modern psychadelic spirit.


CD: You’ve started introducing homewares to your business. Is this something you’ve always wanted to introduce to your business?

E: I’ve always seen the brand growing and expanding but never had specific aims as I’ve taken it to different places in the past. Clothing, bags, homewares, it has all been on the cards and something I’ve dabbled with in the past and will continue to in future. I wouldn’t ever want to restrict myself to being a jewellery brand – where would the fun in that be?!


la vie boheme homewares


CD: Where do you see La Vie Boheme heading this year?

E: This year will see a huge focus on the new homewares line and a return to some of our old favourites markets. Our studio in Cheltenham is closing and we’re moving back to the peninsula to be creating around the ones I love. I welcome feedback, enquiries and collaborations from fans or other creatives as much of this year is still in the works!

Check out La vie Boheme’s website, Facebook and Instagram for some stunning designs.


Image credits: La Vie Boheme design Facebook page.