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The Labels Shop launch event

The Labels Shop Launch Event

| On 06, May 2015

Bright lights, vivacious personalities and mellow tunes captured the mood of The Label Shops exclusive launch event on Wednesday the 29th of April.

The smell of authentic leather and fresh canapés wafted over the humbling conversations between invitees and staff.

Upon entering, friendly faces appeared to welcome guests to the store giving us a run down of the products and most importantly the story behind the labels.

It quickly became clear that the shop was much more than labels, fabrics and stitches, it was all centred around a greater cause.


The Endeavour Foundation, an independent non-for-profit organisation providing support to people with disabilities throughout Queensland, New South Whales and Victoria, proudly operates this trendy new pop-up.

With all of its profits going towards care for the disabled, this shop offers a chance for the community to be charitable and give to those in need.

As stated by Leanne Ferris, Executive General Manager of Supporter Enterprises for Endeavour Foundation, “store profits support people with a disability to have the choices of an ordinary life”.

Throughout the store, colour seeps from paintings, brightening the overall aesthetic of the space as expressive yet minimalistic brush strokes amount to resemble animals such as giraffes and fish on once bare canvases.

On closer inspection, it became evident that these paintings were the creation of extraordinarily talented artists with disabilities. These works painted a thousand words, expressing the astonishing talent of aspiring artists that the store is proudly supporting.



The Label Shop traverses globally in search of exciting clothing, shoes and accessories to sell at unbelievably irresistible prices.

The store currently stocks renowned international brands Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull&Bear and Uterqüe as well as many more.

The fabrics and patterns play on contemporary style concepts, enticing everyone from those retro-hip consumers, to those of you out there with a more refined chic pallet.



A fashion show during the night revealed the wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories on offer as models confidently strutted down the catwalk showcasing the varying stylistic approaches to dressing this season.

The models explored the ‘dressing for comfort’ and ‘dressing to impress’ styles as they chose individual favourites from the racks that were open to customer viewing.

Gasps and applause filled the atmosphere of the store as the models appeared from the change rooms. The styles that were on display greatly portrayed the shops endeavour to appeal to a wide range of buyers with stock arriving almost daily.

With an occasion on the horizon or just retail therapy for those who need it there is bound to be something hanging, sitting or lying within this tranquil setting that is sure to become a much-loved addition to your wardrobe.




SHOES SHOES SHOES!!! Along one side of the shop shelves of shoes cried out for attention. For those of you out there looking for those perfect winter boots or a casual sandal don’t stay away! The carefully colour coordinated line of shoes flawlessly resembling Carrie Bradshaw’s dream closet housed shoes from $20 so get in early while stock lasts.



Boys don’t you worry they have you covered too. Tan brogues were a big hit with the men throughout the night as well as the in season elbow patches on many of the slimming suits and jackets hanging above the vibrant causal jeans below.


Folded couture cashmere pulls and boyfriend jeans nestled in individual coves awaiting the winter season.


The vibrant colour of winter coats burst from angles around the room enticing the customer towards the rakes as they realise the appealing prices. So before the warmth goes into hiding for winter make sure you are prepared for every occasion by visiting The Labels Shop located at 204 Riding Road, Balmoral, open;

Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30 pm

Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday 9:30am to 2:00pm

To find out more about the Endeavour Foundation and to make a donation to a great cause visit their website at