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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 26, 2021

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Landmarks Bring Him Back To Brisbane

Landmarks Bring Him Back To Brisbane

| On 10, May 2016

Free glasses of bottomless champagne? Don’t mind if I do. However, sipping on endless bubbles wasn’t the main event. Art was.

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery hosted the opening night of Landmarks by artist Jeff Makin. Landmarks is Makin’s first Brisbane exhibition in 22 years.  When walking through the gallery (which only opened seven months ago) it isn’t hard to understand why Makin is labelled as one of Australia’s leading landscape artists.

The gallery strategically placed 43 of Makin’s artworks as an easy follow-through journey for solo comers and art fanatics; with scrunched faces in full-focus mode speaking in low husky voices to each other.

The use of soft pigmented colours delicately captures the beauty of this country, providing vivid imagery, not only to those art enthusiasts, but also to the general public.

Makin was in attendance, and with teary eyes, gave a brief speech on his collection of ‘Study’ artworks. These ‘Studies’ have never been up for sale before and parting ways with them was a bittersweet feeling for Makin. These are the field studies that he conducts before turning them into bigger pieces of art. The Mitchell Fine Art Gallery positions these sixteen pieces beautifully on their own separate wall as an easy referral to the paintings done after them.



A personal favourite was Makin’s painting of Mt. Elephant in the summertime. I conducted my own research for a deeper understanding of Mt. Elephant’s location in Australia. Most times, photos don’t do new landscapes justice. However, the quality of the Landmark’s collection is unique -  better than photographs – placing yourself in Victoria viewing Mt. Elephant from afar.

For more information check out the website or head over to the Facebook page.

The Details:

What: ‘Landmarks’ Jeff Makin art exhibition

Where: 86 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley

When: 4th – 28th May

Cost: Free Entry


Images: Mitchell Fine Art, Louise Moeller