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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 19, 2021

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Laneway Learning: Classes for Anything and Everything!

Laneway Learning: Classes for Anything and Everything!

| On 27, May 2014

As a city, Brisbane is big enough to be part of the hustle and bustle, yet on the other hand; we are   intimate, creative and community driven. With roots in Melbourne and Sydney, we are now fortunate enough to have our very own branch of ‘Laneway Learning, a ‘ragtag’ series of evening classes, for anything and everything. 

Now, if I had to select two things that I thoroughly enjoy, they would be as follows: learning new (often quirky/sometimes useless) skills and inner city hideaways for a cup of java with creative vibes. You’re with me, right?

With that in mind, it couldn’t be more fitting to get to know a nifty little organization called ‘Laneway Learning’. Knitting, vegan cooking, arts & crafts and even iPhoneography all feature. The whole prospect is pretty exciting because if you’re anything like me, days are busy, packed with deadlines and meetings and extended coffee dates where we complain about how busy we are…

windowHere we have the opportunity to relax in the evening and  invest some time in ourselves. This is done in a super informal setting with classes taught by folks from the local community. The concept is pretty simple. Classes are reasonably priced ($12 generally with increases for more specialist skills) and are less about becoming an expert and more about getting a cheeky, little taste of a new topic.

Classes are held at Bean in George St, which is a cozy little escape from busy city streets during the day. Now in   the evenings, the space has opened to become the perfect grounds for workshopping.

The classes coming up in the next couple of weeks are all exciting: typography, weaving, and  skill investment to support charity…

With no further ado, I’m going to leave it up to you. Do yourselves a quick favor and check out the details below to discover a part of your creative nature that was lying dormant somewere in there. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a knack for knitting or tenderness for typography or music making?


Be sure to check out the website, Twitter and Facebook page for further information.

Happy learning, of the inexpensive, fun and informal kind!

The details:

What: Laneway Learning

Where: Bean Cafe, 181 George St, Brisbane CBD.

When: Weeknights, dependent on class.

How much: Generally $12, with slight price increase for individual,  specialty classes and materials ($17)