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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 28, 2021

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Lanolin: The New Cult Beauty Ingredient

Lanolin: The New Cult Beauty Ingredient

| On 20, Nov 2014

Move over coconut oil; there is a new skin-softening, multi-purpose ingredient that is earning cult status. It has been used for its moisturising purposes for centuries, but only recently has the beauty world truly jumped on the lanolin bandwagon, with more cosmetic companies incorporating it into their ranges.

Derived from the grease extracted from sheep’s wool, it may not sound glamorous, but this miracle ingredient has a deep moisturising effect on human skin and hair. Hospitals even use lanolin to assist in the healing process of open wounds. Those clever rascals.

 lanolips fruities

The cult product that can be credited for the recent uprise in lanolin use and love is the multi-award winning Lanolips 101 Ointment. Used for everything from dry lips to insect bites and chapped nursing nipples, this Holy Grail multi-purpose ointment has just been released in three delicious fruity flavours. Lanolips claims it to be their “little tube of magic”. Having purchased the peach flavour recently myself, I feel I simply must brag about my newly soft lips and cuticles. Winning!

 lush retread

Another trusted brand that has embraced the lanolin love is Lush. They’ve included it in several of their products, so they clearly know what’s up. Their hair conditioner, Retread, is triple strength for extra softness and shine. It not only contains lanolin, but is jam-packed full of other amazing ingredients such as seaweed and jojoba oil, and smells of violets, oranges and musk. Yum!

 go-to lips

What do you do when an online beauty blogger and beauty editor of Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan, with nearly fifteen years experience in the industry, conjures up her own skincare line? Cry with jealousy. No wait; buy it! Zoe Foster Blake has just visited Westfield Carindale to promote her new skincare range, Go-To. Included in the range is what she claims to be a “hero product” and the world’s most perfect lip balm, Lips!. This is a big thanks to the hydrating and protecting properties of lanolin, of course.

Ditch the lizard look and dare to bare soft, glowing skin this summer with a little lanolin lovin’. Oh, and no sheep are harmed in the harvesting of lanolin; they take it as a compliment to their own striking good looks. Those vain sheep.


Image credits: Lanolips, Lush, Go-To and National Geographic.