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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 3, 2021

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Latest Fashion Trend: Sports Lux!

Latest Fashion Trend: Sports Lux!

| On 11, Jul 2015

If you haven’t been aware, one of the biggest trends this season is the comfortable and functional Sports Lux trend. It catapulted itself into popularity, after being showcased at the Australian Fashion Week earlier this year and was more recently displayed in the Myer and David Jones Winter and Autumn 2015 Fashion Show.

If you haven’t already heard of Sports Lux and have no idea what the trends about, put simply it combines sophistication, comfort and a touch of luxury all into the one outfit. Sport Lux allows you to look effortless in sport/active wear that can also double as casual everyday wear. It allows the everyday individual to wear gym clothes and performance attire to the gym and also acceptably wear them throughout the day.

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Spots Lux brings two different aesthetics together to create a new and innovative interpretation of comfort and fashion. It incorporates a mixture of textures, colours and cuts.

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Designers including Dion Lee have nailed the trend, making the Sports Lux trend an affordable trend for everyone. Josh Goot recently presented a new collection, incorporating luxurious, minimalistic sport wear attire.

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Jack and Jean the leaders in understated sophistication, have perfectly articulated the trend, with comfort and simplicity, consistently being embedded within their clothing.


LuLu Lemon and Nike were quick to embrace the new trend, by making prominent appearances at this years Melbourne Fashion Week. Each show, showcased a significant change in Australian fashion, emphasising the notion that fitness and health can be attractive and fashionable, exercising and working out can be luxurious while also rewarding.


Celebrities among the likes of Beyonce, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus and Rihana have been frequently spotted sporting the sporty trend.

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Be sure to check out the Sports Lux trend at Target, where Dion Lee’s signature designs are currently being presented.