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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 5, 2020

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Lawrence Mooney - Surely Not!

Lawrence Mooney – Surely Not!

| On 03, Nov 2015

As seen on Dirty Laundry Live and It’s A Date on ABC TV, Lawrence Mooney presents his award-winning show – Surely Not! to the Brisbane Powerhouse. Surely Not! is a storm of ripping stand up that follows Lawrence and his brothers on a road trip after the death of a favourite uncle.

Lawrence Mooney is best known as the host of his own hilarious show, Dirty Laundry Live, on ABC TV. This edgy, irreverent, comedy panel show is in its third series and fast becoming a cult favourite.

Lawrence is of course first and foremost one of this country’s most celebrated stand-up comedians, nominated for The Barry Award at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 and winner of Best Show at The Sydney Comedy Festival 2015.

TCI: What can audiences expect from Surely Not?

Lawrence Mooney: Surely Not is a road trip about life and death following the death of a beloved uncle. It’s also an award-winning, ripping hour of stand up comedy, so I guess it’s got everything.  It’s a show I’m immensely proud of.

TCI: Every show of yours is absolutely hilarious. Do you ever feel any pressure when writing for your next show?

Lawrence Mooney:Thank you and yes, I always want to be funny and that brings its own attendant pressure but the pressure is part of the chemical process I reckon. Diamonds are made under terrific pressure.

TCI: You were the winner of the Best Show at the Sydney Comedy Festival earlier in the year. Did that come as a surprise for you? 

Lawrence Mooney: Yes, it did. I’d been nominated for the Barry Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so I knew the show was worthy of that kind of attention but to win the gong is always a surprise – I mean, awards are essentially incredibly arbitrary.

TCI: You have previously worked as a window cleaner, customs officer and perfume salesman. How did you get into the world of stand-up?

Lawrence Mooney: I was at drama school in 1993 and started going to the Espy in Melbourne watching Greg Fleet and he lit something inside of me, I have a lot to be grateful to Fleety for.

TCI:When you first began to perform stand-up comedy, how nervous were you, and do you ever get nervous performing now?

Lawrence Mooney: I was very very nervous, sweating, dry-mouthed and occasionally that feeling returns out of the blue but once you’re on stage it evaporates. It’s a strange thing to go through.

TCI: Who are your favourite comedians? 

Lawrence Mooney: Fleety is always fascinating to watch, Sam Simmons and Celia Paquola.

TCI: Dirty Laundry Live has quickly become an audience favourite. Why do you think the public has taken such an interest in it? 

Lawrence Mooney: Dirty Laundry Live is the only live comedy panel show on television. I think the audiences love the edge, the humour and the fact we’re having an adult conversation in language we all recognise.

TCI: You work closely with the lovely Brooke Satchwell on Dirty Laundry Live – what is she like to work with?

Lawrence Mooney: Brooke is a joy, she is a kind, smart and very funny person.  We have worked together for three years now and I’m crazy about her, she’s marvellous.

TCI: Who has been your favourite celebrity guest on the show and why?

Lawrence Mooney: That’s difficult but I’ll go with Don Hany, everybody swooned and he was more than happy to muck around and have fun.

TCI: According to Fiona O’Loughlin, you do an impressive impersonation of Malcolm Turnbull. Perhaps this could be your new calling?

Lawrence Mooney: Oh, I am being called on now very regularly to do Malcolm, I actually impersonated him at the recent AFL Grand Final breakfast and he was sitting only a couple of meters away, that was pressure and nerves.

TCI: What is the hardest thing about touring?

Lawrence Mooney: Being away from my wife and children. I’m a Taurean – we need sensuality, I need to cuddle a lot or I wither. You don’t get that in a hotel room.


What Lawrence Mooney – Surely Not!

Where Brisbane Powerhouse

When 6 November 2015

How Much $34 – $44.90

More information To purchase tickets, visit the Brisbane Powerhouse website here

Image Credits: Lawrence Mooney