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Let Loose With 'No Lights No Lycra'

Let Loose With ‘No Lights No Lycra’

| On 27, Jul 2014

No Lights No Lycra is a global dance movement straight out of Melbourne. The aim is to provide a drug and alcohol free environment for anybody to come and dance.

The concept is basic, you come to a community center, pay $5 and go inside to the pitch black dance floor. The lack of lights removes any chance for shame or pretentiousness, and once on the dance floor anything goes. There’s no teacher, no steps, no particular genre and no particular style of music. Just come in and move however you want.

I approached my visit to No Lights No Lycra with some trepidation, I can’t dance, and I’m awkward at best, would they really accept my spasmodic form of dance? Yet something drew me in, maybe it was the inventive concept, maybe it was the fact that for once I had somebody to dance with? Whatever it was that got me there, I honestly didn’t expect what I discovered, that I love to dance!


My partner and I arrived at the door just before 7. There were some small groups outside getting coffee from the van parked out the front, but nobody really took any notice of us and we just entered straight away. The room was dark and the night hadn’t started yet, so we quickly put our jumpers down and found a spot on the floor. Soon the music started, and we both started moving freely, dancing together, dancing separately, grinning madly at the freedom and fun of it all the whole time.

It only went for an hour, but I felt like I had a serious work out. I was free to move how I chose, and at no moment felt like I was being judged for any of my ridiculous and awkward dancing. There was a huge variety of tunes on offer including fast paced classics like Ball Room Blitz, old school hip-hop, pop from the 70s through to now, and everything else that could possibly get your body moving.

The team at No Lights No Lycra Brisbane do take song requests, but playlists are done before the night, so get in on their Facebook page to ensure your song is played! There are tables around the edges of the room to leave your stuff, but it’s not secure so best to travel light. Wear something comfortable, nobody there is judging you (they can’t even see you), bring a water bottle, and bring some friends. Overall it’s a fantastic concept, and a fantastic night, I’ve never had more fun on a Tuesday and will definitely be back!

The Details

What: No Lights No Lycra

When: 7pm-8pm every Tuesday

Where: Ukrainian Community Centre, 70 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4101

How much: $5

Tickets: No need, show up on the night