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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 26, 2022

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Live Review: Charlotte Marnee Single Launch

Live Review: Charlotte Marnee Single Launch
Bonnie Hogan

On Thursday night, I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Brisbane’s array of local talent at Charlotte Marnee’s ‘Delicate’ single launch. Set in the recently refurbished, saloon style bar that is Lefty’s, the twice sold out show (originally rescheduled due to COVID) was well worth the wait, and if you (sadly) weren’t there, keep on reading for a full recap of the show!

Opening the evening for Charlotte was emerging Brisbane band BENSON – proving that talent runs in the family with Charlotte’s very own sister, Savanh Claire, confidently owning lead vocals. 


BENSON performing at Charlotte's Single Launch

Brisbane band BENSON opening Charlotte Marnee’s single launch (Photo Credit: Brock O’Brien)


Savanh’s pristine voice soared over the funky piano-led melodies and bouncy bass of their jazz-infused covers, with a few promising originals scattered throughout. Each musician on stage had their moment to shine, with impressive guitar riffs and effortless keyboard runs amping up the crowd.

BENSON’s youthful, energetic presence on stage set the tone not only for the rest of the night, but for the band’s bright future ahead.

Up next was Brisbane heartthrob Ambrosio, who knew exactly what he was doing when he opened his set with the RnB hit, ‘Senorita’, by Justin Timberlake. Ambrosio’s silky smooth voice simply flowed over the electric keys and infectious bass vibrations, compelling every man and woman to groove in their seats and melt into the moment with him. 


Ambrosio support act performing at Charlotte's single launch

Brisbane talent Ambrosio performing at Charlotte Marnee’s single launch (Photo Credit: Brock O’Brien)


With his alluring confidence, flirtatious energy and a vocal range I can only compare to the International superstar Miguel, Ambrosio is definitely a Brisbane talent to keep your eyes (and ears) on.

At last, Charlotte Marnee took centre stage, her angelic, feminine aesthetic quietly pulling the focus of everybody in the building. Charlotte continued the high, jazz-funk vibes and colourful melodies with her opening cover of ‘Do It’ by Chloe x Halle, immediately flaunting her enchanting vocal range and control. 

Before moving on to the next song, Charlotte acknowledged the traditional owners of this land, both past, present and future – a gesture that seems to align perfectly with her approach to music; respectful of tradition yet open to experimenting with the new and unknown. 


Charlotte Marnee performing

Charlotte Marnee performing at her sold out single launch (Photo Credit: Brock O’Brien)


The balanced set of popular covers and unique originals (both past, present and future) encouraged everybody to sway and sing along, even before her gentle reminder that while dancing is prohibited, feeling the music is not. 

Charlotte’s pure, emotional vulnerability managed to dissolve the barrier between performer and onlooker, as she immersed the audience by openly sharing the stories behind each song.

Charlotte’s hypnotic vocals were accompanied by a seamless blend of playful bass and guitar, tight drums, intrinsic harmonies and the breathtaking keyboard talents of SAEI – who of course produced Charlotte’s single of the evening, ‘Delicate’. 

Featuring the honey-like vocals of Ambrosio and the full participation of the crowd, Charlotte’s live rendition of her latest single was a magical moment not to be forgotten, and a sweet taste of the highly-anticipated EP she is set to release next year. 

Stay tuned and make sure to follow all of these incredible artists so you don’t miss out next time!

Charlotte Marnee
Charlotte Marnee
Charlotte Marnee



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