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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 24, 2020

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Lose Your Breath with Cirque Adrenaline

Lose Your Breath with Cirque Adrenaline

| On 11, Jan 2016

Cirque Adrenaline delivers high-octane thrills and the heart-stopping threat of some serious spills in this amped-up circus extravaganza.

Transforming the solemn, cavernous Concert Hall into a vibrant circus space is no mean feat, but the Adrenaline team have met the challenge. Theirs is a towering, mad-funhouse of a set, in which one dangerous looking metal contraption is stacked upon another, reaching almost all the way to the roof. From this vast leviathan, performers leap, climb, swing, bounce, burn and, seemingly, fly.


Cirque Adrenaline 4


For two hours of breathless wonder, Cirque Adrenaline lives up to its name: nearly every act incorporates some element of impossible risk or imminent danger, a country circus squeezed into leather pants and turned up to eleven. When audiences aren’t cheering, their agonised groans are audible and their faces are firmly in their hands. A good balance is struck, however, between moments of jaw-dropping beauty –contortionist Sabrina Aganier mastering the art of human flight in the aerial hoop – and moments of untempered rush – Angelo Rodriguez and Carlos Mayorga leaping into free-fall from a giant spinning wheel.

But it’s not all second-hand terror under the (proverbial) big top. The evening’s MC Dizzy the Clown (Darren Partridge) provides a much needed vein of levity in a refreshingly original series of physical skits. However, beware those sitting in the first few rows – there’s a very real risk you’ll find yourself inadvertently joining the circus.


Cirque Adrenaline 2


Cirque Adrenaline is definitely not a night for the faint of heart. Death-defying stunts frequently verge on death-inviting, and at several points during the show I was certain we were about to witness a fatality. Those who can keep their eyes uncovered, however, will have a chance to witness the exceptional skill, infectious joy and astounding physical prowess of a troupe who may just have the last word in pure entertainment.



What Cirque Adrenaline

Where Concert Hall, QPAC

When 7th – 17th Jan, 2016

How Much $79 – $99

For more details or to purchase tickets, head to QPAC’s website here.


Image Credit: Darren Thomas.