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Lou Scarrs on his Debut EP, What We Do

Lou Scarrs on his Debut EP, What We Do

| On 17, Jan 2018

We recently caught up with Lou Scarrs, who released his debut EP What We Do. Taking the listener through the journey of a tumultuous, and sometimes toxic relationship, What We Do cements Lou Scarrs into an artist to watch in 2018.

The EP is a culmination of inspirations from all over the place. With touches of rock, hip hop and pop, Lou Scarrs let us in on how the tracks came to be.

“Sometimes you listen back and go ‘Wow! What a great idea’ other times I’ll go back and think, ‘I don’t know what I was actually meaning when I singing those weird notes’ you can hear like a car indicator in the background, when you’re trying to make a right hand turn, and then all i can hear is like road noise, and cars beeping.”

It’s those archived sounds that Lou Scarrs moved to his bedroom setup, where he fleshed them out and brought the sounds together.

Once it was time to decide on a producer, he came to Oscar Dawson, someone who he describes as very talented. Oscar is known for his work with acts like Dukes of Windsor.

Lou Scarrs says that during their time working together, he and Oscar were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his songs, in order to them sharpen up.

“It was fun, because sometimes, a little idea that I thought wasn’t, you know, a main, central part of the song, that I just packed away somewhere in a nice little pocket, kind of became central to the song, because Oscar would say ‘hey that little bit that you’ve got there, that’s sounding okay. Let’s see if we can bring that out more in the track.”

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After working on the tracks solo in his bedroom, which he says tends to drive him a little crazy, Lou Scarrs says he enjoyed bouncing ideas off a fellow artist, both the good and the bad. While the pair had some false starts on the way to the final record, they found their way to an cohesive sound. It’s that sound that’s earning What We Do huge praise from all over. We spoke about what it means for a debut EP to be met with such feedback.

After working on his tracks for a fair amount of time, Lou Scarrs says “it feels great” to know that they are resonating with an audience, especially after the time it took to consider all possible variations and incarnations for the EP.

“I guess, you know, I listen back to some of the songs and I know, I guess, where they started. I can kind of remember that first spark or little idea, a verse or a lyric, and where I was at that time where I came up with it and you kind of think, its a pretty cool feeling that something I’ve created has gone through a number of changes and ended up on someone’s speakers and making them feel good, hopefully.”

While we’re loving the entire EP and probably couldn’t pick just one favourite, he says his would have to be What We Do.  He explained what the songs means to him as an artist and why it’s earned the number one spot on the EP.

“.. because I think it embodies a little bit what Lou Scarrs is about, and that is just sonically we’ve got bass drums guitar, and a little bit of that hip hop and modern influence in there as well too. I just love the journey through the song. It kind of tells a tale of a toxic relationship. You know, that real juxtaposition of loving and hating someone at the same time. I guess I’ve witnessed a few friends in relationships where you’d kind of really like to see them get out of it because you know it’s not going to work. But they have to find that out for themselves. The duality of the two feelings. It’s not an entirely original thing to say.

You can expect new music this year from Lou Scarrs. Be sure to keep your eyes out for his single. It’s currently under the working title of DNA, which he wants you to know is unrelated to Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 release, he just beat him to it.

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