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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 10, 2020

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Luke Daniel Peacock Chats QMAs and Creative Forces

Luke Daniel Peacock Chats QMAs and Creative Forces
Victoria Jenkins

We sat down with Luke Daniel Peacock ahead of the Queensland Music Awards to find out how it feels to be a QMAs nominee as well as what’s in store for 2020.

Nominated in the Indigenous category of this year’s QMAs, alongside Busby Marou, Mau Power and Project 62, Luke Daniel Peacock blends timeless melodies with lyrical content inspired by cultural contrasts. Following on from the success of 2016’s We’ve Come A Long Way Darling Luke has returned with ‘Older Then’ a shimmering gem that likely began as a demo written in the spare bedroom of his parent’s house in Brisbane.

The Creative Issue: What does being nominated for QMA represent to you and your work?

Luke Daniel Peacock: I guess it represents a form of validation, which is nice, being that releasing you’re own music can be a terrifying thing.

TCI: What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated for your award?

LDP: Pleasantly surprised. I was glad someone heard it and liked it, to be honest.

TCI: What is your favourite part about being involved with Queensland’s music community?

LDP: I think that there’s always new stuff happening. I get bored easily but there’s always some new local band to go see.

TCI: Can you describe the creative forces and inspirations behind your work?

LDP: There’s many. A lot of it comes from being part of a First Nations community whose values and systems differ quite significantly to the ones held by people who make the rules. There’s a lot to navigate, particularly in our current circumstances. My recent stuff has been more therapy than anything.



TCI: What are your plans looking forward to in the coming year?

LDP: I’ve been writing and demoing a lot. I’ll definitely be putting more music out.

TCI: Would you be open to working with another QMA nominee and if there is what about them and their work really grabs your attention?

LDP: I’d like to work with Miiesha. She’s really good.

TCI: What are your best tips for dealing with nerves when it comes to performing?

LDP: Go for a walk. Talk shit with your friends. Try find somewhere comfortable. Have a drink if that’s your thing.

TCI: Brisbane is fast becoming a music hotspot to perform in. What are the best venues you’ve played at or where would you like to play the most?

LDP: I like smaller venues. The Foundry is good. They have a good green room and our rehearsal room is upstairs so it’s an easy lug. Also Bearded Lady can be fun on a good night.

TCI: Given the Schools category at the QMA’s, What would be your best tip for young musicians?

LDP: Back yourself and check in on yourself. Don’t apologise but don’t be a jerk. Drink lots of water. Rest. Everything must pass.

What: 2020 Queensland Music Awards
Where: The Fortitude Music Hall (Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley)
When: Tuesday 3 March 2020 @ 6pm
How Much: $77.95 + b/f ($57.95 for QMusic Members)
Website: link to website
More Info: 18+, Smart Casual Dress

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