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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 29, 2020

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Make Yours A Scotch And Soda

Make Yours A Scotch And Soda

| On 23, Sep 2014

What do you get when you combine a bunch of Australia’s most talented acrobats with some of our most innovative musicians? A pulsating cosmic womb of creativity, that’s what!

The co-creators of the Brisbane Festival favourite, not to mention international hit, Cantina, return with their most exceptional concoction of circus and live music so far; the thrilling Scotch and Soda.

Company 2‘s Chelsea McGuffin and David Carberry bump heads with Ben Walsh and The Crusty Suitcase Band for a whiskey-infused performance that consists of impressive acrobatics, cabaret and jazz style tunes and some cheeky giggles along the way.

Scotch and Soda image

Expect props at the ready such as rollerskates, bicycles and household pets (because, why not?). Male nudity is also on the agenda, so maybe leave Grandma at home. Or bring her along - whatever floats her boat.

Rated five stars by The Guardian and presented by The Judith Wright Centre and Brisbane Festival, Scotch and Soda offers us a rowdy bunch of gypsy misfits that are entertaining beyond imagination. The discipline that is required in order to pull off the many feats that challenge their strength and balance will have you gasping in disbelief.


More than just a demonstration of extreme skill and talent, Scotch and Soda provides a frolicsome evening of boisterous antics that will have you asking for a refill. Bottoms up.

The Details

What: Scotch and Soda circus and live music performance

Where: The Judith Wright Centre Performance Space

When: Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th September

How much: From $33

Website: Visit to purchase tickets

More info: Performance contains male nudity. Household pets are also included in this performance, but are not harmed in any way.

Image credits: Brisbane Festival, Prudence Upton and Sean Young, SYC Studios