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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 9, 2020

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Making magic with Matt

Making magic with Matt
Auran Abraham

How does it feel to be lied to? To be deceived? How does it feel when the liar, tells you in no uncertain terms, that they are lying, do you trust them? Do you let them inspire you?

Matt Tarrant arrives at Brisbane Powerhouse with his personal brand of interactive stage mentalism, and Adelaide charm to cause sleepless existentialist nights, and inspire the young to believe in magic again, with his touring show Honestly Dishonest.

Having had the chance to recently interview Matt for TCI, the elements of the show’s interactive nature were expected, but not in all honesty to the extent at which the show involved the audience in very nearly all of the magic acts performed on stage.

This wasn’t where the surprises ended either, with the inclusion of multimedia and one particularly funny use of technology and a bandana, excuse me, banana, fruit.

Matt’s charisma on stage was most pronounced in his on the fly improvisational strengths when interacting with the audience, and brought something more human to the performance.

While the magic itself was never mind breaking in complexity nor originality, with some notable exceptions, it was performed to a higher than competent standard, and was so heartfelt that it was impossible not to enjoy.

The final act of the show was also painfully sincere, the inspiring of a child in the audience by involving them in the performance and empowering their self-belief by allowing them to perform some magic personally, was a pure and wholesome shimmer within all of the dark themes and socio-political commentary of so much of the theatre world.

The most important thing that Matt Tarrant’s show brings, is quite ironical, honesty. Taking the constant, cynicism-led questioning as to intent, and from a point of forgotten innocence, returns some of the magic to the world. Making magic just magic, instead of the trick that we all desperately want it to be.

Where: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington Street,
New Farm QLD 4005
When: THU 29 NOV–SUN 02 DEC, 2018
How Much: $25 – $30
Website: Here

Find out more about Matt Tarrant:

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