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Meditation Melbourne

Meditation Melbourne

| On 23, Jan 2015

In this day and age their are many people who suffer with mental illness and struggles with keeping a positive attitude towards life. Many of us are plodding along with everyday stresses and set backs and sometimes we just need a break.

A good way to settle stress and feel relaxed is to meditate. You may think things such as you have no time or it won’t work for you but until you give it a fair go then how will you know?

As a vivid over thinker and stress head I set out to try meditation for myself.  I’m in no way qualified to talk about the brain and how it works, however I do realise that there is no set ‘cure’ for negative thoughts, only things you can do to help, if you are ready, and meditation could be a great start.




Meditation, as I see it, is the act of sitting or laying with your eyes closed, listening and visualising postitive thoughts and affirmations that are being said to you.

In Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne, I and many others gather at our Meditation teacher’s house to unwind and de-stress our worries for that week. For some, meditation is much more than that. It’s the art of slowing down your thoughts and finding a clarity within yourself on how to best proceed with your life.

Meditation with Carmel is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. She is unstoppably funny as well as wise. She can make you laugh the second you walk in the door and then relax you with her calming tones. By the end of the class you usually feel relaxed and a little more positive.

As a further step, hypnosis is also a very powerful and deeper form of meditation. It is said that your sub-concious is cleaned out of it’s negative thoughts and memories and replaced with positive and new affirmations and perspectivies.

In meditation we learn that there is no point stressing or fearing the unknown. We focus on the power of positivity and how to relax and let life flow.

If you are looking for something that might help you as you proceed with your life, try meditation. If anything, you will feel relaxed and maybe not so alone when its over. There is always help and most importantly there is always light.




What Meditation classes with Carmel

Where Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne.

When Monday nights 7pm.  Everyone is welcome but best to call to confirm.

Cost $20 a session.


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