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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 7, 2020

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Meet The Man Behind The Bubbles - Scott Maidment

Meet The Man Behind The Bubbles – Scott Maidment

| On 30, Aug 2016

The Brisbane entertainment scene is really developing.

Most of September is a time when performance goers and makers alike can really shine and get their creative juices flowing with the Brisbane Festival. What it seems people really want and need these days is a fun, accessible night out that is just as entertaining and thrilling as a night spent in a club, for example. The Creative Issue spoke to Scott Maidment, earlier this week, to get the latest on his creation Blanc de Blanc, which is a highly anticipated show opening early next month, and promises to be just what the people need.

Scott Maidment has an extensive career in the entertainment industry. He flits between Brisbane and Melbourne offices in addition to travelling where his shows are being performed.  â€œSo right now I’m in London and three days ago I was in Prague and then three days before that I was in Edinburgh, so I’m kind of travelling a lot. I grew up in Brisbane and now we have an office in Melbourne as well. But I kind of travel to where the shows are and what we have on and things like that. It’s not like I’m choosing to do it all the time it’s more of a necessity rather than a whim.”

Blanc de Blanc


Scott has been bringing acts to the Brisbane Festival for around fifteen years with his shows being lauded by critics and audiences alike. This production of Blanc de Blanc has already been receiving rave reviews and is being hotly anticipated by Brisbanites. But what inspires such a production and what should audiences expect from such a show? “So what I wanted to do is I wanted to create a show that was based around champagne, and the effervescence and the fun and the sophistication and the craziness of [it]… at the very start of the show, I wanted to feel like a sophisticated sort of Parisian cabaret, and then by the end of the night needs to feel like a pumping night club… so last year we had a show in Brisbane called Fear and Delight and then we’ve had other shows, LIMBO and Cantina and all these different shows have played during Brisbane Festival so we tour shows that happen all over Australia and all over the world but mostly in Brisbane, we’re only creating shows during Brisbane Festival.”

The manner in which Scott puts on a spectacle is deceptively simple but effective. He finds the process “really exciting” but does see some level of risk involved. “It’s like making a cake. If you’ve got some really good ingredients, you can mix them up and they could turn out to be a sensational cake but they could also, you know, turn out just to be a mess as well. But I guess the more I’m kind of creating and choosing good people to work with, the better the odds of creating something fun and good.”


Blanc de Blanc at Sydney Opera House


The show is also not without its challenges. “We’ve gone from the Sydney Opera House to the West End to playing in the Spiegeltent and so we’ve kind of changed it to suit the different spaces. We’ve also got a cast from really different backgrounds… So everybody comes with a different background and a different way of communicating and different way of performing and that makes a really exciting mix when it’s on stage…So it’s exciting to have an international cast, but it also kind of comes with its own challenges because if you speak in colloquialisms or short hand sometimes people don’t actually know what you’re speaking about but when it works it really brings something new and fresh and exciting to the stage.”

Scott views this show as a “fun night out” for those who may not necessarily want to go to the theatre, and face something “aloof”. “I really wanted to make this even more accessible, and more crazy and more GP than a lot of the other shows that I’ve made…so it’s really a great, accessible piece.”


What Blanc de Blanc

Where Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent, Southbank

When 2 – 24th September

How Much $ 38 – 78

Find out more about the event here

Image credit: Brisbane Festival