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Melbourne Fashion Instagramer's you should be following!

Melbourne Fashion Instagramer’s you should be following!

| On 29, Jun 2015

Ever in need of a quick fashion fix? Maybe an outfit inspiration for your next event, or simply looking for an on trend beauty to stalk on Instagram. These five inspiring Melbournian ladies have each made a social networking name for themselves, from their unique and innovative fashion choices.

Envy their clothes and imitate their styles, each of these ladies push fashion boundaries through their unique interpretation of todays fashion trends.

 Aisha Jade

You may recognize this New Zealand beauty from the hit reality TV show Big brother Australia, season 2014. Since being evicted from the house, Aisha has quickly become a fashion role model, making bold statements and embracing a diverse range of trends and styles. Starring in modeling campaigns for fashion labels including Glue and Beginning boutique, Aisha recently dropped jaws and turned heads with her edgy, preppy style at the MBFW. Rocking braids and corn rows, beat up sneakers and punk rocker attire, Aisha’s style is unique and edgy, perfect for fashionable girls alike.

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Daniella Adey

Daniella is a blonde bombshell model , who has shot to Instagram stardom not only for her looks but her amazing style. Opting for a more hippie and electric look, Daniella models for well known brands including Scott and Scare. Follow Daniella dance her way through unbelievable holiday destinations, photo-shoots and weekly weekend party’s, all of course in effortless and elegant attire.

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Dani Mansutti

Youtube beauty and fashion blogger Dani Mansuitti , is a Melbournian who consistently rocks the latest fashion and beauty trends. Making a name for herself online in the YouTube realism as well as on Instagram, Dani can be found adorning the latest and greatest finds from Melbournians local online boutiques and online retailers. With long luscious locks and dream like cheek bones, its hard not to fall in love with this one of a kind fashion and beauty guru.

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A professional fashion stylist by trade, this fashion writer adorns elegance and grace in all her Instagram photos. This beauty rocks the most sophisticated trends, while incorporating her posts and outfits on her clients.

As part of her occupation, she consistently nails trends and remains at the forefront of the latest fashion accessories and brands. Explore her natural talent and passion for fashion styling, as she transcends her Instagram followers through her daily works of creation. You can witness signature pieces such as her amazing Dion Lee jacket, be worn be a variety of individuals, she has styled for.

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Adele Maree

This one of kind beauty is all about sharing her passion for fitness and fashion. Adele Marre is a young and bubbly Instagram personality her also has her own unique and fun fashion blog, that over the many years has accumulated a dedicated and loyal following.

If your looking for out of the book, edgy and trendy fashion inspiration, Adele has it all. She never sticks to one trend and is consistently changing up her style to accommodate her large and diverse following. Showcasing a variety of local Melbourne online stores and inner city boutiques, Adele opts for affordable, distinctive and simple outfits for her raging weekends, busy work life attire and work out gear.

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 Image Credits: All images sources from Instagram accounts