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Menswear: The 2015 Starter Guide

Menswear: The 2015 Starter Guide

| On 02, Jan 2015

A new year means a new man. Get started on the right foot for 2015 with this starter guide.

When a new year comes around, you always have the nay sayers that don’t believe a new year can be a new start. But when it comes to fashion, I believe it can. Whether it’s changing the colours, style, or cut of your wardrobe, a new look can make a significant change in your life. With a few helpful tips below, be sure to open your mind to new options for 2015.

Suits of Colour

While a black ensemble is sure-bet for a stylish look, why not try a suit of colour in the new year? Some may say that they are too ‘loud’, but they are a refreshing take on a sometimes tired look. A coloured suit would make for a stylish and unconventional addition to your wardrobe, making you sure to be noticed at any occasion.



Now this is definitely for the more adventurous male. While women have been adapting jumpsuits into their wardrobes for decades, men across the world have started to wear the clothing themselves. I sure would be delighted to see some men in jumpsuits around Brisbane.



Statement Coats

Although we are just in the beginning of Summer, it’s smart to start planning for seasons ahead. To keep ahead of the fashion game, start to think about what you’ll wear in the upcoming seasons, especially for Winter. A statement coat is an essential for any man and can be worn casually or used to dress up an outfit.



Oversized Bags

The accessory for 2015 for menswear has to be an oversized bag. From the gym to the office to a dinner, it surely will come in handy and be stylish to boot. While man bags aren’t always at the forefront of men’s fashion, they sure will be in the new year.





Image credits: Flickr