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Menswear: The New Style Icons

Menswear: The New Style Icons

| On 17, Sep 2014

Throughout each era in history, there have been different style icons for men’s fashion. In the fifties, there was Cary Grant with his impeccably tailored suits, Elvis Presley sporting rock ‘n’ roll essentials and James Dean forever having the perfect bad boy style.

Fast forward to the seventies and the eighties, where fashion went from understated to over the top with David Bowie, Mick Jagger & Michael Jackson. Other important milestones of the eighties were Miami Vice, athletic wear & the first appearance of Doc Martens. The 1990’s was a decade filled with the Fresh Prince, rave culture & grunge wear, a (sadly) unforgettable fashion decade for everyone. Now we’re in the 2010’s, where everyone seems to have their own unique style. Let’s take a look at the icons for the modern man.

#1: Ryan Gosling

Mixing classics with modern threads, Ryan Gosling is known for always looking his best. Tailored suits, leather jackets and on-trend eyewear is always a signature style of Gosling. The pyjama top paired with white trousers is one of my favourite looks of his.


#2: Pharrell 

Never shying away from an outrageous hat, Pharrell Williams has a rather eclectic style. Daring prints, clean lines, stylish accessories and classic footwear are all apart of Pharrell’s wardrobe, making him a very prominent style icon for the modern man.


#3: David Beckham

Let’s just forget his early days. After many years in the spotlight, David Beckham has perfected his style and is now featured on countless best-dressed lists all around the world. Classic suits, relaxed daywear, sportswear & on-trend accessories are all part of Beckham’s impeccable wardrobe.


Ryan Gosling, Pharrell and David Beckham are all modern day fashion icons and continue to impress the fashion scene with their noteworthy style. Who are your fashion icons?

Images courtesy of tumblr.