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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 28, 2022

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2018 - NextGen Group Show

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2018 – NextGen Group Show
Jennifer Brown

On day 3 of MBFF, the NextGen section  featured at the QUT Gardens in front of the Old Parliment House. It gave emerging designers a chance to come into the spotlight. And it also gave the audience a glimpse into the future of fashion.

The fashion styles from each designer were all stand outs in their own way. From the huge classical gowns, to unique printed swimwear, all the way to futuristic and bold. The show was a smorgasbord of weird and wonderful patterns, colours and textures. The diverse range of styles and designers were appealing to all the eyes along the catwalk.

Nardia Panettier white suit

The designers featured for the night included:

  • QUT Fashion
  • Kimbralou
  • Kokoswim
  • Kelvin Grove State College KG Bold (featuring Fee Wu, Beibei Wang & Zoe-Mae Woning)
  • Annalisse Designs
  • TAFE Queensland (featuring Shane, The Lola Collection, Fred Archer Label & Animor Designs)
  • Murrii Quu Designs
  • Club Couture Australia (featuring Nardia Panettierre Couture & Lydia James)
  • Jordan Hewitt
  • Nardia Panettiere Couture
  • BlacknBling
  • ZENgara by Naomi DeMarco

The night, for an outdoor event such as this, was perfect. Clear and crisp, albeit chilly. But the hot styles that came out made it all worthwhile. The bar area on the garden area served a great selection of wine (champagne and peach was a favourite).


fashion designers

Animor Designs and Fred Archer the Label


A night such as this is something for all upcoming and aspiring designers and spectators alike can look forward to next year. Whether it is just to see what is new in the world of fashion or to even see how much fashion and designers have evolved in the span of one year.

We are looking forward to next year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.