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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 14, 2019

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sydney: Weekend Edition

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sydney: Weekend Edition
Alice White

It’s that time of year again, Sydney Fashion Week. People come from all over whether they be models, editors, bloggers or the ‘instafamous’, just to catch a glimpse of new season items from their favourite brands such as Aje, Camilla and Marc, Romance Was Born and Alice McCall just to name a few. Usually I think we can all agree that we stare at our phones flicking through photos in awe, wishing we could be seated in the front row just to catch a glimpse of an outfit; or just to feel the energy buzzing in the air for the show. Unfortunately unlike the lucky few who got the opportunity to witness these shows, we didn’t receive an invite (I’m sure it just got lost in the mail don’t worry). However, we still had the opportunity to purchase tickets to experience a small slice of the action. The ‘small slice of the action’ being the ‘Weekend Edition’ shows. These shows which are placed into two categories, Resort Review and Style Collective, present a rundown of the best looks of the week. So while you may have not been able to see the actual show, you still get to experience something similar.

Photograph: Brook Mitchell

Hearing this news, my friends and I jetted off to Sydney for the weekend to see if it was just as fantastic as we hoped. I can now tell you in full honesty that it was well worth the trip. Walking into the 6:30pm Style Collective Show we couldn’t help but say “wow” when we entered the runway which was lit up with pink and purple hues with the focal point of the room being a large pink flower arrangement which was placed on the back wall. By the time everyone had taken their mandatory photo on the runway, the show was already underway with Akira setting the scene.  Look after look were presented on the runway with brands like Camilla, Aje, Alice McCall, Double Rainbouu, Lillian Khallouf, Anna Quan and Bianca Spender all showcasing their carefully composed designs.

Photograph: Mark Nolan

There are no words that can really describe the feeling of watching a runway show, words like amazing, awe-inspiring and incredible come to mind but it is simply magical. Something about the atmosphere gives you goosebumps, knowing that every single person in the room is there for one reason and one reason only, to appreciate the art of fashion. Everything about the Style Collective show was simply wonderful and was truly a thrilling experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to watch the show 10x over. Oh and we can’t forget the feeling of seeing a green embroidered Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia tote bag that is sitting on your seat when you enter, you could say I’m a sucker for goodie bags. I would highly encourage everyone to take a look at this show next year or to attend any fashion show in the future just once to really experience the same amazing feeling that I did.