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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 21, 2021

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Mid-Season Sale Madness

Mid-Season Sale Madness

| On 26, Jun 2015

It’s the second best time of the year – the best being boxing day – and we have the tips of shopping the sales and the best buys for the middle of the fashion season.

1. Don’t shop the old collections, shop the staples.

It’s overwhelming seeing that dress you had been eyeing off since last season, fall in price and hit your range, but this can also be a negative as you are even more tempted to buy. The tip for sales is not to buy a last season statement piece, that will more than likely quickly go out of fashion, but rather shop the staples, the tees and boots and things you need all year around.


Mid Season Sales


2. Department stores sales change daily, so don’t have any buyers remorse.

Everyday when browsing David Jones or Myer, they have special discounts or super weekends that change all the time – and thus your favourite pair of culottes could be a one day only deal. Think of that before you are quick to turn them down in the hope to return tomorrow for the same price.


Mid Season Sale


3. Be nice!

Sales can be a very stressful time for everyone, staff and customers. So just be nice to each other because getting the last pair of Tony Bianco shoes, although may feel as though it’s the end of the world, is not as bad as it seems.


Mid Season Sales


4. Discounts are always a plus, but buy the thing you actually want.

Sales are great – there is no denying that. But what is even greater is buying something you really want. Yes – the dress may be 10% off in one colour but the colour you want is full price – think about what the benefit vs. the cost is and no doubt you will make a sharp decision.


Mid Season Sale