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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 21, 2022

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Milli and Fink: A place for creating

Milli and Fink: A place for creating

| On 31, Jul 2016

It’s a place for the creatives, the visionaries, and those who wish to learn something new and become inspired. Whether you are an expertise, a beginner or you just simply want to prove that you can make funky banana pants, Milli and Fink workshops are for you.

TCI sat down with Milli and Fink founder, Angela Purdy, who describes her business as a fun and vibrant studio that teaches and passes on the passion for handmade products and skills. Located in Ipswich, Eastern Heights Queensland, Milli and Fink specialises in screenprinting, lino printing and stitch and sewing, providing all materials and skills needed, in just one days work!

TCI: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Angela Purdy: Everywhere. I am one of those people that picks up every business card, every magazine and constantly searches on the internet. I find inspiration from my day job, fabrics, trends, and pretty much just everything around me. You can’t switch a creatives mind off, it is constantly thinking!


TCI: What are some of the challenges and achievements you have experienced with M&F?

AP: I have had some challenges with the workshops regarding how to structure them, how many numbers per workshop, and the various forms of teaching styles you have to take on to equip for different people. It’s been a great learning curve and I am still learning something every single day. Every workshop is an achievement in my eyes, the more passion and learning I pass along, the better!

TCI: Lastly, where did the name for M&F come about?

AP: My partner at the time (now husband) and I bought two bikes, I named mine Milli and his bike was a Rat Fink bike, named after a famous American comic icon. So I put Milli and Fink together and it just sort of stuck.. and so did we!



(No experience necessary)

Stitch & Sew: $100Learn the basics of sewing with a few stitches and seams as well as how to read and cut patterns, giving you the skills to make an endless list of creations such as dresses, tops and skirts. All materials are supplied with amazing fabrics from Japan, Korea and America so all you need is to bring along a head full of ideas, and you are sure to walk away with something you will be proud of!

Milli & Fink, Stitch and Sew

Milli & Fink

Linoprinting: $110You will cut your very own lino, experiment with gold leaf, colour combinations and print on different fabrics and papers until you have your own run of prints, tea towel and bags, along with some prints on some heavy weight paper. Lino Printing is a dying art, and very rarely seen these days. It looks deceptively simple, though where you can take it and what you can do with it is endless!

Milli & Fink, Lino Printing

Milli & Fink

Screen-printing: $140In learning the Photo Exposure Screen Printing process you will prepare and print your original artwork onto fabric and papers. You will learn about colours, inks and various fabrics and all the techniques you’ll need to know to produce an amazing print!

Milli & Fink

Milli & Fink

In the future Milli and Fink are hoping to have a travelling art studio that visits schools and passes on teachings and skills to students and teachers. Seeing as a lot of computers are now taking over, including in the art classrooms, people must evolve and grow with the ever surrounding technology in our world, whilst still being able to enjoy the simplistic qualities of dirty hands, messy heads and the ability to create with a thought, not a push of a button.

To see more information on Milli and Fink check out their Facebook, Instagram and book their wonderful classes here!


Images Credited: Angela Purdy, Milli and Fink