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Moray Café – TIGHT A$$ Tuesday

Moray Café – TIGHT A$$ Tuesday

| On 25, Mar 2014

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a girl and her friends would warmly anticipate every Tuesday like it was Christmas. It was TIGHT A$$ Tuesday at Moray Café, a small café on the corner of Moray and Sydney streets in New Farm.

Moray St has been awarded “Brisbane’s most liveable street” since 1993, and Moray Café is tucked among a small group of shops amongst Moray St’s sleepy apartment buildings. The seating spills out onto the footpath, and it exudes a unique local charm. The charm is amplified by the cheap meals – $15 can buy you a generous serve of something delicious.

However, this was a long time ago. Moray Café has changed hands, and TIGHT A$$ Tuesday is rumoured to have changed as well. I went and assessed the damage last Tuesday.

The menu hasn’t changed and it still boasts its favourites which include the wagyu burger with chips and the four-cheese gnocci. However, the favourite steak has undergone some unsavoury changes, and has swapped roast potatoes for a measly mash and the fillet is now smaller.

The steak was disappointing, and was minute in size compared to the steak served in Moray Café’s glory days. Also, the service was noticeably slower, and the waitstaff were less attentive.

Most importantly, the price is $15… With the purchase of a drink! Another disappointing blow for Moray Cafe. Tight A$$ Tuesday is no longer for Tight A$$-E$.

If you cherish fond memories of Moray Café’s glory like myself, you will be sorely disappointed by the changes enforced by Moray’s new management.

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A disappointing experience compared to Moray's glory days.