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Morning Harvey, In The Evening - Smith Street Swap Meet Launch

Morning Harvey, In The Evening – Smith Street Swap Meet Launch

| On 03, May 2015

If there was any mood-rock sound to base yourself on, The Verve would be a good start. Bit of reverb, limited vocal range playing in nicely with droning guitar harmonies, vocals opening metaphors of love lost, and the introspective adolescence of drifting through life with an extended lower lip. 

A fan of moody guitars and suburban narrative would be pretty happy then to discover Morning Harvey: a shimmering exploration of psych-pop combined with moody underlying murmurs, and packing a big enough sound to let you sit back and allow yourself to be lost in the layering.

Fronted by Orphans Orphans’ Spencer White, and fleshed out by members of Moses Gunn Collective, Millions, and The Belligerents, the band brings to their recent recordings a catchy mix of soaring guitar hooks, vocal harmonies and nonchalant chords, wound together with some background magic from producer Magoo Goold, and to glowing reviews from the likes of Dom Alessio and TheMusic magazine.

The Triffid was the venue to open it’s doors to a large and mostly tanked crowd, the Single Launch for the band’s ‘Smith Street Swap Meet’, seeing the support acts Salvadarlings croon their way through a set heavy with jazz/gypsie fusion influence, and the solo act Sawtooth play a surprisingly fresh set of recent originals; his time in Moses Gunn Collective combined with a contemporary outlook on his own brand of ‘Dream Folk’ resulting in something that could shine with the right producer.

Morning Harvey themselves wore a powerful stage persona, playing a no-nonsense set to moderately sized but eager crowd.

Slicing through sounds from their upcoming EP- a song I knew as ‘Salt & Pepper,’ their especially Verve-esque ‘TIDE’ as well as of course ‘Smith Street Swap Meet,’ singer White navigating the stage with a brazen mix of Ian Curtis and David Bowie power strut, the band not minding the empty beer bottles surrounding their fold-back.
Mention also must go to the very recent clip to Smith Street Swap Meet, which was very possibly filmed just after Megan Trainor released ‘Dear Future Husband.’

The video accompanying 'Smith Street Swap Meet', also representing mid semester disposition .

Lulled by a sound that comprises of a continuous brand of intertwining harmonies, the crowd set into an early sway, only stopping to clap as the band thanked their audience midway, and giving two or so birthday shoutouts
The drunk girls in front of me stepped on my foot, the only moment of discord in a room full of nice-chords, at the time reminding me that a function in the Triffid’s upstairs bar was running alongside the show, which is genius.

A no-nonsense set is a set that works well with the vibe of the band, and I have no doubt that Morning Harvey shall soon be yet another popular export of Brisbane, with new manager Rick Chazan now handling the international scope of a band that will sway crowds to come.

Perhaps an early failing of the launch promoters, the moderate crowd still wore their hearts on their sleeves as they cheered the band offstage, a scattered cry of “More!” going up as the crowd cheerily returned to the beer gardens.

Pretty good all round.