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Movie Food: the pros and cons

Movie Food: the pros and cons

| On 17, Jan 2014

Now I like going to movies as much as the next person, but we all know we don’t go to the cinema just to see the movie, we also go for the food!

I’m sure we all have our favourite candy bar snack, choc-tops, lollies, frozen coke and most iconic of all, popcorn.

I’ve sampled them all and have come up with a list of the pros and cons of each choice.


The best thing about the choc-top is that I’m pretty sure you can only get these at the movies (let me know if I’m wrong, would love to find out). The perfect balance of chocolate, ice cream and cone.

Pros: delicious and special treat just for the cinema.

Cons: potential to spill chocolate and ice cream all over yourself in the dark.


Lollies are my weakness! There are so many different types to choose from, the classic Allen’s party mix, an endless variety of M&Ms (peanut is my favourite) and my personal favourite Jaffas.

Pros: easy bite size pieces to consume and usually not very crunchy or loud to chew.

Cons: the headache that follows over-indulging.



Frozen Coke

So this is more of a beverage than a snack, but I think worthy of making this list. If you go to a good cinema the possibilities are endless, coke flavour, lemonade, raspberry, green (whatever flavour that is).

Pros: a refreshing beverage to enjoy during the movie, plus the ability to mix flavours to your hearts content.

Cons: having to the leave the movie to use the bathroom and the fact that whatever you mix ends up a shade of brown, every time!


Finally the most revered movie food, popcorn. Salty and buttery not much can beat the temptation of popcorn.

Pros: popcorn is delicious!

Cons: the need or an accompanying drink and the unpopped kernels at the bottom.
So those are my go to movie snacks, but what are yours? Got any good combinations we should know about?