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Why you must eat at Jam Pantry

Why you must eat at Jam Pantry

| On 18, May 2015

Greenslopes cafe Jam Pantry is the latest creation of seasoned cafe tycoons Nims and Gideon Zavackas. The question isn’t whether to eat at Jam Pantry. It is how many reasons are there to eat at Jam Pantry.

Jam Pantry has a lot to live up to. Its renowned predecessor, Comfort at my Table in Milton earned a reputation for serving generous meals that showcase unexpected yet harmonious flavours.

Originally intended to sell Nims’ line of preserves, Jam Pantry grew into a cafe that encapsulated Nims’ passion for cooking up unexpected tastes, new textures, served with a serious side of love.

There are several other touches that position Jam Pantry as the leaders of Brisbane’s breakfast game.

The cappuccino chocolate

If you’re not a cappuccino fan, this may sound crazy. Yet, any serious cappuccino connoisseur takes their chocolate sprinkling seriously. Jam Pantry smothers caps, hot chocolates and mochas with lavish dark chocolate shavings. Trading the cocoa powder for dark chocolate is a quirk that transforms the Jam Pantry coffee experience from good to great.

A Jam Pantry cappuccino and mocha lathered in chocolate shavings!

A Jam Pantry cappuccino and mocha lathered in chocolate shavings!

The specials board

In addition to the classic breakfast menu which flirts with brave sweet-savoury combos, Nims thinks twelve rotating seasonal specials centred around her market haul. I tried the broken eggs with sweet fennel pickle and ricotta special. My tastebuds were super impressed with the flavour combo they’d never before tasted. Components featured on the special board included curiosities such as  bacon ice cream, cardamom and ginger ice cream, dragon fruit jam, and quince.

jam pantry food

Two of Jam Pantry’s legendary rotating specials – broken eggs (back) and french toast with ricotta and rhubarb jam (front)

The preserves and condiments 

One of the walls of Jam Pantry is lined with jars labelled with wacky names such as banana chutney, bacon jam and peach relish. Nims’ banana chutney was popularised in her Sydney cafe Big Brekky Place and is now sweetly packaged for you to take home to smother every meal or eat from the jar – up to you.

A glimpse of Nims' preserves. Photo credit: Weekend Edition

A glimpse of Nims’ preserves. Photo credit: Weekend Edition

Jam Pantry gives Brisbane’s brunch scene a refreshing facelift and taste lift. Pay Jam Pantry a visit – you’ll be sure to find your own excuses to go back!