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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 28, 2020

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Must-Subscribe Makeup Artists On YouTube

Must-Subscribe Makeup Artists On YouTube

| On 01, Oct 2014

They are some of life’s eternal mysteries; how can I achieve the perfect winged eyeliner? Why does my blush look like shingles? How can I eat bacon without gaining weight? I am here to help you out with at least two of these niggling dilemmas.

It seems in this high-tech day and age, any girl with a mascara wand and a smart phone thinks she is a beauty blogger, but these professional makeup artists are qualified and experienced. Plus, they share discount codes on wheelbarrow loads of products! Yay!

 Shannon Harris/Shaaanxo

shaaanxo headpiece

This quirky New Zealander is not only funny and relatable, but is also the epitome of versatility. From wearable, toned-down neutrals to glamorous and colourful evening looks, Shannon is forever experimenting to land on something unique and fun.

shaaanxo colourful

She offers celebrity inspired tutorials as well as her classic “winging it” videos, where not even she knows what the outcome will be. Spoiler: it’s always incredible and super easy to recreate! She also has her own range of amazing false lashes and brushes.


If you’re after an honest opinion on a bajillion different makeup products out there, Shannon is your gal. She always goes the extra mile to educate her viewers on the quality and longevity of products too, such as wearing foundation to the gym and reporting back on its staying power.

shan red lips

Chloe Morello

chloe morello

This self-proclaimed queen of winged eyeliner is one inspirational woman. Chloe is very mature and takes her art seriously, but still has a giggle along the way. If you’re not down for the cutesy stuff and would like to just get to the point, Chloe is your girl.

chloe morello feature photo

Ambassador for L’Oreal Australia, Chloe explains technique in clear detail throughout her tutorials. After having problem skin as a teenager, Chloe offers great tips for skincare. She is also very proud to offer Arabian inspired looks for women who wear hijabs and headscarves.

chloe morello colourful

 Lauren Curtis

lauren curtis natural

The most subscribed to makeup artist in Australia, Lauren is an excellent go-to if you are new to makeup. She has some excellent tricks and tips for beginners on how to apply makeup correctly, and with the correct tools and technique.

lauren curtis

Very down to earth and bubbly, Lauren is open about her past as an insecure tomboy, and offers advice for younger girls in regards to bullying and self-confidence. She has worked for Benefit and Bobbi Brown, and this clearly shows in her highly skilled makeup looks.

lauren curtis dramatic

If you find yourself scratching your head over terms like “contouring” and “tightline”, pop onto YouTube and subscribe to these three beauties for all your makeup education and inspiration needs.

Images from Shaaanxo, Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis’ Facebook Pages